Artist explores life's meaning in exhibition

Life, relationships and death are the subjects of "Eternal Labyrinth", which is running at Art4C, Gallery and Creative Learning Space, until Feb 20.

Artwork by Achitaphon Piansukprasert. (Photo courtesy of Art4C)

The solo exhibition by artist, filmmaker and writer Achitaphon Piansukprasert portrays the relationship between things and an individual as an interconnection between memory and narrative.

In his eyes, the existence of life is based on current relationships and whether we treasure life or not often depends on relationships and connections we have with others.

In this exhibition, he demonstrates life as a mystifying subject, leading to the question of its value and meaning and, at the same time, pointing out that relationships are an important element that connects life with death.

Through installations, abstract paintings, sound and videos, he presents stories, memories, personal experiences, social context, society and beliefs -- all of which are parts of the structure of life and death.

Likewise, his life depends on relationships with other things, one of which is artistic practice. He regards it as a bond that associates him with other beings.

For him, creating artwork can soothe the contemplation of death and lessen sadness as it drives us to explore other things around us and this can influence our understanding of the value of life.

However, he regards death as a right to exercise free will and also a shortcut to get oneself out of the complex "labyrinths" and the locking "cages".

Art4C is located on Rama IV Road, near Samyan Mitrtown, and opens Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm. There is no admission fee.

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