Group exhibition explores depths of humanity

(Photos courtesy of Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Bangkok))

'Human(e)" is a group art exhibition by four of Thailand’s leading artists who explore the depths of humanity. Kanya Charoensupkul, Pairoj Pichetmetakul, Imhathai Suwatthanasilp and Temjai Cholsiri bring us some of their most captivating artwork which unravels the mysteries surrounding this topic.

Housed at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Bangkok, the event runs from today until Jan 30. 

A great deal of effort has been put into exploring the complexity of humanity and drawing on social and historical narratives, human behaviour and beliefs passed down from generations. 

Issues highlighted in this exhibition include humans in social and political structures, free will, and long-term physical and psychological conditioning. The exhibits have a powerful message that encourages the audience to ponder and explore the state of being humane, both while being under authority and otherwise. Kanya uses pigeons as a symbol to represent people and ideology. She picks Buddhism as her main theme, representing the division between worldly matters concerning temptation and the transcendent state beyond. The artist believes that while humans are born pure, it is how we choose to lead our life that defines our future.  

Pairoj’s work is an extension of his "Hope In The Prison" project in which his team works with inmates to paint murals on prison walls. His master plan aims to offer prisoners hope, skills and a second opportunity in life. The artwork for this exhibition was made possible via collaboration with prisoners from Ratchaburi Central Prison and it reveals the truth about life behind bars.

Imhathai uses sourced images from all walks of life as an inspiration for her work. These images are then turned into negatives to emphasise the historical past that continues to present itself in contemporary Thailand. The artist’s subject matter represents power and institution, international relations, politics and morality.

Looking inward, Temjai focuses on reflection of the human mind and mental state. Her artwork consists of an assortment of materials and objects to represent the emotional roller coaster of life. Her main focus is on emotions that come with consciousness and focus, core aspects of meditative practices, focusing on what is happening in the present and the ever-changing future. 

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