Explore the emerging world of NFTs at 'Mint'

Over the course of the history of photography, new terms have been used to describe technological breakthroughs. For example, photographic prints recall the darkroom discipline while equipment of the digital age brought photographic interpretations and allowed a rolling wave of possibilities.

Some of the artworks on display at 'Mint'. (Photo: HOP Photo Gallery)

To "mint" is to produce for the first time. Its parallel meaning is the introduction of a coin into circulation. In a strange art-vs-money fusion, these two meanings converge "to produce a piece of work and enter it into circulation via the blockchain". "Minting" has become a new vocabulary.

On view from Feb 10 to April 17 at Hop Photo Gallery at Season Square, "Mint" is an exhibition of works by "photographers who mint" or photographers who defy conventions by allowing their works to enter the market as NFTs. Minting gives the artist the power to decide to print or mint.

The show paints how photography has evolved in the contemporary art context and how ideas, tools, and technical innovations have changed the way photography is perceived.

Participating artists are Akkara Naktamna, Chakrit Leelachupong, DD flection, Draft September, Kanrapee Chokpaiboon, Nattachat Wachirawarakarn, Nattawat Tangthanakitroj, Natthaphon Chaiworawat, Pavaruth Ngamekudomphong, Watcharapat Kongkhaow and William Barrington-Binns.

Just as NFTs bring unprecedented value to the field, they also open ways for audiences to reach and appreciate photography. Photography is no longer shy to contemporary art and its currency.

Curated by Serindia Studio, the exhibition opens every day from 11am to 7pm.

Visit facebook.com/hubofphotographybangkok.

Some of the artworks on display at 'Mint'. (Photos courtesy of HOP Photo Gallery)

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