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A rundown of Sawang Sawai Siwilai

Bask in the arty atmosphere at Sawang Sawai Siwilai, a gathering of art and culture by Siwilai at Central Embassy. This multiweek art festival will spark a new way of contemplating, appreciating and engaging with art and is accessible to all. With nine showcases, two talks, six workshops, four food events, five music events and a market, altogether from fifteen artists, turning Central Embassy into a massive art space until Mar 27 under the theme of "Freedom".


The event features nine showcases, the first being Rirkrit Tiravanija's T-shirt pavilion at Siwilai Store. Other highlights include Haritorn Akarapat's art at the front yard of Central Embassy; An evening with Eiji Sumi; "Muscle & pharynx" -- an immersive dining experience designed by Alisa Chunchue; Homesick house party -- wherever you are, let art take you home; Korakrit Arunanondchai and Dhanut Tungsuwan's Karaoke Sing-a-long; the ideal world store by AP Thailand and more.


The walk is called "Walk This Way", an interactive art stroll with GroundControl and special guests. This walk is where you can enjoy many splendid art forms intertwined with the concept of hope in the "Sawang Sawai Siwilai" contemporary art exhibition. The leaders of the walk are Eiji Sumi, Harit Srikhao, Angkrit Ajchariyasophon, and Pahparn Sirima Chaipreechawit. The walk takes place on Mar 19 at Siwilai City Club.

Pillars Babel by Nutdanai Jitbunjong.


On some weekends, art-related workshops are available to exercise your crafty hands. At the "Calm & Creativity In Times Of Chaos" art therapy workshop by Studio Persona, calm your nerves and let out your creativity. Parents can have a fun-filled day with their little ones on Mar 12 and Mar 13 during a nature-inspired play by Little Legend. On Mar 19, you can create a customised tray from recycled and green materials in the "Eco Accessories" workshop by Not Too Virgin Design Lab. Scent lovers will enjoy the perfume-crafting workshop with Tada Perfumeur on Mar 26. You can also learn how to create your own paint from the colours of nature at the "Colors From Nature -- Create Your Paint Color Palette" with Sand Suwanya.

Food Galore

Food events feature edible art pieces from food in Alisa Chunchue's full dining course experience, "Muscle & Pharynx", where she creates the harmony of art fused into the body. Create rainbow pasta inspired by Mit Jai Inn's art at the Rainbow pasta masterclass with Ñam Ñam pasta and tapas. After you've satisfied your craving for art, meet some of your desires for food at Rirkrit & David's experimental dinner party, where chef David Thompson will cook Rirkrit Tiravanija's secret family recipes. Finish off with Soulid Ground macaron drops paired with tea at Soulid Ground Café X Siwilai Café by Thaiwijit.


Five music events will serenade you throughout the festival, starting with Korakrit Arun­anondchai and Dhanut Tungsuwan's Karaoke Sing-a-long, where you can dance to the sound of freedom. Horoza -- Party and Prophecy ensemble comes next with a horoscope party where music, technology, art and Thai-style fortune-telling combine. A vinyl jam session hosted by Century Disk Jockey will be playing Japanese city pop, classy jazz and chill pop tunes to decorate time as your shop in the Under The Rainbow market. But the festivities don't stop here, there are loads more for you to enjoy.


Last but not least is the Under The Rainbow market on Mar 19, where you can fill your shopping carts with an array of collectible art pieces available exclusively for the event. The market is inspired by the gigantic rainbow art piece "iam Rainbow Republic, 2020 by Mit Jai Inn, which is on display.

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