'Life Is Beautiful' at Number 1 Gallery

An oil on linen by Pat Yingcharoen. (Photo courtesy of Number 1 Gallery)

A group of eight artists are sharing their perspectives on life at the "Life Is Beautiful" art exhibition, which is running at Number 1 Gallery until April 30.

The exhibition is like a large-scale movie production that portrays different thoughts of the artists who wish to spread encouragement and a positive vibe to society in the midst of economic hardships and unpleasant politics.

On display are paintings of love and hope by Jirapat Tatsanasomboon, who wants to inspire viewers to be strong and live a happy life, and works by Boonhlue Yangsauy that recount his childhood happiness.

While Manut Lao-on's art-making process is compared to a procedure of reviewing and learning about life, Anupong Chantorn reflects the ugly side of immoral people through symbols that combine human and animal attributes.

Viewers can take a break from their problems and stress by viewing the "Meow Division" series created by Anchalee Arayapongpanit. Also, they can witness Pat Yingcharoen's effort to turn abstract feelings about the beauty of life into a tangible form of art.

Both Widsanupong Noonan and Kittisak Thapkoa, meanwhile, touch on Buddhist teachings in their works. Widsanupong compares distress to seasons, portraying the cycle of life in nature in his works.

In a similar sense, Kittisak encourages viewers to follow the middle path in Buddhism and seek happiness through doing good deeds.

Number 1 Gallery is on Silom 21 and opens Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

Visit number1gallery.com or call 02-630-2523.

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