Loei artist borrows affectionate Isan call for 'Ma – Der – La!'

A painting by Ittiphon Phattarachon. (Photo courtesy of River City Bangkok)

The local wisdom of Isan's culture, tradition, and beliefs is reinterpreted and recounted in an entertaining style in "Ma -- Der -- La!", which is running at RCB Galleria 2 of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24, until April 24.

The exhibition features Thai pop art paintings by contemporary artist Ittiphon Phattarachon who includes pop art gimmicks with brilliant colours and basic elements that express direct messages and comedy.

He was inspired to create this amusing collection after making merit at numerous local temples in Loei province and encountering the narrative of 13 chapters of Vessantara Jataka, one of the most popular jatakas of Theravada Buddhism that tells the story of one of Buddha's past lives.

The artist was motivated to retell these stories in his own way by integrating with the notion of the natural coexistence of humans, animals, and objects, which when they come together in a certain spot will result in diverse stories.

He often includes pop art concepts, processes and forms such as bright colours, simple lines, basic shapes, toys, cartoon figures, water boats, and components that might look unrelated but may be combined in his art

His paintings feature an aura of abstract art, showcasing the beauty of lines, colours, and shapes, enabling viewers to use emotion rather than focusing on interpreting or finding meaning to the point of losing the enjoyment of experiencing the artworks.

"Ma -- Der -- La!" is an Isan expression that means "Come on girl!". It is widely used by adults to call children with affection. Because of his sense of humour, the artist uses it as the exhibition's title to invite everyone to come and enjoy his artwork.

There is no admission fee. Visit rivercitybangkok.com or call 02-237-0077/8.

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