Explore the fine line between humans and monsters

A sculpture made from the ashes of plants and animals by Ruangsak Anuwatwimon. photo courtesy of SAC Gallery

A fine line between human and monster is portrayed during "Golem2022: Embodying The Monster" at the Art Centre Building of SAC Gallery, until June 4.

This solo exhibition by Ruangsak Anuwatwimon was inspired by the legend of golem, a mythical creature in Jewish folklore who was made from clay and animated with magic or a holy spell to protect and support the pure desire of the maker. The golem is a human-like figure with stronger physical abilities than mortal humans. However, the maker can still deform the golem to its original material when it is out of control, reflecting the law of creation and destruction.

The exhibition is part of his long-term art project beginning in 2011 and inspired by the recollection of golem myths in diverse cultures. He then reinterpreted the mythic creature within contemporary contexts to embody the golem, which is paralleled to the human physical ideal.

For this show, Ruangsak creates his own version of golem in the form of a gigantic human figure compounded with artificial organs that were made from the ashes of global plants and animals that died due to some form of human activity.

His golem is like an artistic memoir, recording taxonomic species and ecosystem connections that once existed or are still alive. The organs re-connect the existence of each species, retelling mythologies and local folklores.

This reminds us of either direct action or indirect connection between humans and other living creatures.

Ruangsak will then present a continuation of this exhibition at Gallery Ver from Saturday April 23 to June 19. Titled "Golem2022 -- Uncanny", it will reflect the origin of life and death through four performances.

Each performance is an assembly of art pieces created from the ashes of different species of animals and plants to form human anatomy by performers from different fields of work.

SAC Gallery is on Sukhumvit 39 and opens Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm while Gallery Ver is on Narathiwat Ratchanakharin 22 and opens Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 6pm.

Visit sac.gallery or call 02-258 5580 ext 401 and visit galleryver.com or call 02-120-6098.

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