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Ukrainian Viktoria Vorotina's exhibition 'Hope And Peace' is a reminder of why love and compassion matters

Viktoria Vorotina. (Photo: Vlad Grom)

Before any warning sign of armed conflict in Europe, Viktoria Vorotina, a former model and revelatory artist, connected with the spirit of her heart and found inner serenity as seen through an abstract and transformative art collection titled "Hope And Peace". But after Putin's decision to invade her country, triggering a global economic crisis and scores of civilian casualties, the painter from Kyiv now dedicates the collection to bring light into each home and nurture harmony in people's hearts.

"I am a native of Kyiv. For me, it is painful to see the suffering of my country and its people. There is a deep shock and trauma from this attack. Now, I feel my mission is to rebuild people's lives and re-open their hearts and to love and share the light for our world through our creations, through language, sounds and music, or the golden threads that connect our people as one," said Vorotina.

The main concept behind her art showcase is to present a touch of love, compassion and peacefulness in the world, "where we are no longer dividing any nations, languages, cultures, religions, or ethnic orientation. We are all human beings connecting together in peace and harmony, as a collaboration for being in joy and union ultimately", she added.

In this collection, the artist used acrylic with a fascinating mix of sawdust, charcoal, golden leaves, crystals and sea sand from Koh Samui -- the "coconut" island of southern Thailand where she settled four years ago -- to create 30 paintings, mostly diptychs and triptychs.

Her symbolic artwork includes The Saviour and Berehynia, both depicting "the global amulet for protection of all nations" and "our inner power" to live in perfect harmony and peace. Vorotina explained that The Saviour is "the image of the spirit, the figurehead who gives resources for living and saves life", while Berehynia, the goddess, "is more about protection and by this, everyone is protected and saved by their own faith and visions of light".

Fields Of Gold. 

Another symbolic piece is Storks Loyalty, which illustrates procreation, family well-being and love "for the father and mother who have blessed this world" as "the stork is the traditional harbinger of spring, babies and good fortune", she said.

Similarly, Endless Love renders joy in birth and unconditional love for all humans. This feeling of happiness and affection for the newborn was painted in a distinct reddish colour, which represents the blood of the mother. Also blue in this soulful painting symbolises the water in the womb that carries babies and "the water in each of us that holds the emotions", she pointed out.

In Awakening Mind and Glorious Heart, the artist shows a journey towards tranquillity and freedom. She further explained that the former heightened public awareness of human rights while the latter was the victory of compassion and acceptance as all human beings are born free and equal, leading to "the heart opening which unites us as one love for each other".

Vorotina transformed the linguistic system of the Slavic language, to which Russian and Ukrainian belong, into remarkable art pieces Forgotten Language and Golden Sounds. She expressed that her native tongue is one of the most beautiful languages as it is "very melodic and easy on the ear", and perfect for expressing emotions directly.

Unity Of Divine, Fatherly And Motherly. 

The Ukrainian painter believes that art and music are freedoms of expression, silently exploding feelings or emotional pain living inside all humans. Accordingly, she collaborated with Nancy Tsui-Ping Wei and the Heavenly Voice singers from the College of Music, Mahidol University, in live music performances to promote her artwork and open the doorway to peace and liberation.

During the performance, Vorotina was dressed in a vibrant sunflower gown, designed by Thailand's clothing brand Sretsis. The sunflower print represents Ukraine's national identity. In fact, this yellow flower is a global symbol of hope, peace and solidarity for the beleaguered nation since its bright bloom and natural exuberance are the antitheses of the destruction, death and human suffering caused by Russia.

Oleksandr Lysak, the chargé d'affaires of Ukraine in Thailand, affirmed that this exhibition reflected hope and vision for the current situation in Ukraine while saying art is the best way to deliver a powerful message of love and kindness to humanity. He strongly urged the audience to reflect on volunteers and people who join the military to show their close connection with the motherland.

"The artist Viktoria is a great example," he noted.

"Hope And Peace" exhibition is on view until April 24 on the 1st floor of RCB Artery. All proceeds from sales will go towards The Igor Saviors to support the surgeon and director of the old age home in Ukraine. Visit

Motherland Triptych. 

Viktoria Vorotina in a Sretsis dress with a sunflower print joins a choir to sing Ukrainian folk songs with Mahidol University singers.

Rebuilding Lives. 

Forgotten Language.

Golden Sounds. 

Awakening Mind. 

Holy Fire. 

Garden Of Love And Innocence. 

Peaceful Sky From The Lawn. 

Storks Royalty. 

Fertile Land. 

Blooming Cherry. 

As Above So Below. 

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