Netflix film by Thai creators preaches harmonious existence

Aquatic creature friends in Sea Of Love. (Photo © Netflix)

Netflix is screening the first preschool animation, Sea Of Love, by Thai creators to teach children and viewers of all ages how to live together in harmony.

Produced by The Monk Studios, Sea Of Love explores the undersea world where creatures -- Bruda, the gentle whale; Wayu, the cheerful ray; Puri, the kind-hearted seahorse; and Bobbi, the perky shark -- embark on an adventure in each episode. For example, they help Bobbi find his lost wiggly tooth. Puri's friendship with a baby sea spider shows that he is not scary at all. In spite of their differences, they learn to develop friendships.

It stars Guy William Burnett, Anchasa Bhurichayawarodom, Tarakorn Visessintop, Tarit Matt Amatayakul, Athalie de Koning, and Kelly B. Jones. One of the creators is Juck Somsaman. As parents, they wanted to create an animation that teaches children how to live together in a diverse society. It was partially supported by the Thai Media Fund.

Wanichaya Tangsutthiwong, the director, said they produced the animation with a real understanding of children and the marine environment.

"We collaborated with early childhood education professionals -- including kindergarten teachers -- to identify intriguing topics and realistic solutions, and kept them as raw material for our storylines. Similarly, the characters were developed based on real children's personality traits and behaviours. The team went diving to explore the Thai sea and attended workshops with coral specialists to recreate the setting as realistically as possible, in the hope of inspiring youths to love nature through the beauty of the ocean," she said.

Aimsinthu Ramasoot, showrunner and co-creator, said the team wanted to offer a high-quality animation that teaches children how to live in society.

"We do not simply show what children like but also present what is good for them. It is similar to preparing good, wholesome, and enticing meals that the kids love to eat, and which will give them essential nutrients too. We hope the audience will appreciate and enjoy the interplay between friends, parents, grandparents, and outstanding teachers throughout the narrative," she said.

In real life, a bruda whale is an endangered sea mammal. Early this year, it was sighted near the Mu Koh Angthong National Marine Park in the Gulf of Thailand. Its presence is seen as an indication of the richness of the sea.

Watch the animation:

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