Explore Charoen Krung through art

The old days of Charoen Krung and its neighbouring areas are presented through art during "What's Behind The Street", which is running on the 4th floor of Central: The Original Store, Charoen Krung Road, until July 10.

This is the first ever collaboration with Asin, Jecks and Pakorn, three of the country's leading urban artists who have created colourful art that portrays the tale of Charoen Krung's prosperity and its nearby areas amid changes and transitions to a new beginning in the modern era. Considered as one of the most popular and lively places in Thailand, Charoen Krung was Bangkok's first main thoroughfare to cut through the city. In those days, it determined much of the course of urban development as the main transport channels shifted from water to land. Over time, however, the road began to lose its popularity and got overshadowed by other streets.

The trio have chosen to present their perspectives on today's Charoen Krung in the form of both graffiti and street art. The works on show include a variety of urban art of mixed media styles that involve the use of spray paint, painting, print and character design -- with each artist creating images, patterns and complex colours that represent each of their unique identities.

The exhibition includes wall art created with spray paint to offer a new experience to visitors. Art in the form of NFTs by Jecks is also available.

The exhibition is open daily from 10am to 6pm (except Mondays). There is no admission fee.

Visit facebook.com/central.theoriginalstore or call 02-267-0412.

A rt from 'What's Behind The Street'. (Photos: Central Embassy)

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