Can flowers reveal our true selves?

The beauty of flowers is compared with human identity during "Nature Versus Nurture" exhibition, which is running at SAC Gallery until Aug 13.

A work by Naraphat Sakarthornsap. (Photo courtesy of SAC Gallery)

This solo exhibition by Naraphat Sakarthornsap reflects, through three series of flower arrangements and photographs, the artist's past where he faced the crisis of having his freedom limited and his identity taken away by society.

His works show the flaws in humanity's appearance. Self-identifying as beautiful creatures, we often grow under the illusion that we actively possess freedom. During his artistic process, he explores himself while also exploring humanity. This follows a semiotic floral tradition in art history.

The first series, "Cut Chrysanthemum Production", reflects our efforts to genetically modify flowers to make them a perfect product on the farm rather than letting them grow naturally.

The second series, "Flower Refrigerator", shows prime flowers cut fresh from the farm and caged in refrigerators to maintain their beauty.

The last series, "The Other Side Of Flower Arrangement", presents photos of flower arrangements set on simple containers used on a daily basis by middle-class people.

The exhibition raises questions as to what is the line that divides us and creates inequality; and whether it's social classes that do so and devalue our humanity.

The exhibition invites viewers to pose a question on how we can self-actualise in a society that seems to be boxing us in and limiting our identities.

SAC Gallery is on Sukhumvit 39 and opens Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.


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