Promoting nature conservation through art

A digital painting by Mary Pakinee. (Photo courtesy of Warin Lab Contemporary)

My Life… A Little Gaur, a 1977 literary work by prominent naturalist and conservationist Dr Boonsong Lekagul is an inspiration for new artworks by two young Thai artists that are displayed at Warin Lab Contemporary, which used to be Dr Boonsong's office, until Aug 27.

Held to raise awareness about the conservation of nature in a world where nothing is undisturbed by human actions, "Artificial Nature" features an interactive installation by Nakrob Moonmanas who takes viewers on a historical journey through the zoological literature of Siamese intellects prior to Dr Boonsong.

His installation is influenced by generations of poetry that attempt to describe and depict the Karawek, a mythical bird that makes the most beautiful sound in the world. He also uses taxonomy to question the placement of mystery and beliefs after science changed perceptions of nature.

Meanwhile, interdisciplinary artist Mary Pakinee uses a digital library to create a new environment in a simulated world. It is influenced by the shared culture of open-world design, a game mechanic that allows players to roam freely in the pre-designed space.

Therein, viewers again assume a position as another being. The work explores not only the lack of forest in the physical world but also human violence that creates the artificial environment of the virtual world. The exhibition is an exploration of art's role in environmental conservationism and asks questions about what has been lost in the wake of modernity.

Warin Lab Contemporary is located at OP Garden, Charoen Krung 36, and opens Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30am to 7.30pm.

Visit or call 083-095-2028.

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