Explore stories behind the mask at art exhibition

'Behind The Mask' exhibition. (Photo courtesy of Iconsiam)

Art lovers are invited to find stories hidden behind different masks during "Behind The Mask" which is running at Iconluxe Pop up Space, 1st floor of Iconsiam, Charoen Nakhon Road, until Oct 2.

Inspired by the truth of life, dreams, children's literature and infinite imagination, the exhibition features unique works by more than 30 seasoned and young blood artists.

Taweesak Sritongdee creates a pop-art style human skull in an odd shape with a tiara floating in space to represent human thoughts (brain) while Palut Marod's distinctive expressionist painting portrays a human skull decorated with colourful flowers. Having mixed Thai and Western styles of storytelling, Suphatcha Rojanawanich took her inspiration from children's literature Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood to create paintings that touch on the concealment of needs and true emotion behind the mask.

They are displayed alongside the work of Chayanisa Sriwichainunt who has chosen to express the feeling of those who are victims in a concrete manner.

'Behind The Mask' exhibition. 

Good stories are also told through Kriengkhai Kulphunb's tiger mask, which symbolises the strength of life and June Mituna's graphic art of a little girl with white wings wearing a mask that reflects the tranquillity in life.

Even though masks can conceal our feelings, they could, at the same time, liberate them. Many artists are waiting for the day to come to take masks off. The idea is reflected through Shy Girl by Mama Blues who wants spectators to liberate what they hide and fathom what they really miss the most.

Also discover what lies behind the mask in the works of many other artists including Prasong Luemuang, Anupong Chanthorn, Daeng Buasan, Amnat Kongwaree, Napanant Rangsrithummakhun, Buakow Phasom and Phubeng Phukasem.

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