New releases for your streaming pleasure: Jun 7-13
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New releases for your streaming pleasure: Jun 7-13

19 new titles from Apple TV+, Netflix, Prime Video, Discovery, TLC and AFN

New releases for your streaming pleasure: Jun 7-13

Looking for a title to binge-watch this weekend? Here's our pick!


The Crowded Room

Premieres on June 9

The intriguing limited series follows a murder case and the first trial to include mental health as a factor. It focuses on Danny Sullivan, who commits a crime in 1979 and is subsequently imprisoned before an interrogator starts pulling the threads, unravelling the mess and finding out who the true criminal is. Throughout the 10 episodes, a new chapter from Danny’s life unfolds, revealing a new baffling truth from his past. Unexpected revelations of Danny’s life, from the questions put up by the interrogator, eventually shaped his present and future. Starring Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried and Emmy Rossum. The story is inspired by the non-fiction novel “The Minds Of Billy Milligan” by Daniel Keyes.

Duck & Goose: When Duck Met Goose

Premieres on June 9

A new special in advance of the new season. When Thistle gets upset with her new neighbour, Bluebird recalls the bumpy days of Duck and Goose’s early friendship. Stars Connor Andrade as Duck and JeCobi Swain as Goose.

The Snoopy Show: Season 3

Premieres on June 9

Inspired by the popular Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, The Snoopy Show is a fun and entertaining show for the whole family to watch together. The show welcomes its third season.



Premieres on June 7

This intimate docu-series follows Arnold Schwarzenegger's multifaceted life and career, from bodybuilding champ to Hollywood icon to politician.

Tour de France: Unchained

Premieres on June 7

Through tears and triumph, this series follows several cycling teams as they compete in the 2022 instalment of the world's most gruelling bike race.

Never Have I Ever (Season 4)

Premieres on June 8

Senior year has finally arrived. Between college conundrums, identity crises and crushes that won't fade, are Devi and the gang ready to face the future?

The Way Of The Househusband: The Movie

Premieres on June 8

Yakuza-turned-househusband Ryo and his underworld friends come to the rescue when local thugs start harassing the neighbourhood nursery school.

Barracuda Queens 

Premieres on June 8

When they fall deep into debt, a group of young women in an affluent Stockholm suburb turns to robbing their neighbours' houses. Inspired by real events. 


Premieres on June 9 

Three friends working for a benevolent moneylender band together to take down a ruthless loan shark who preys on the financially desperate.

Human Resources (Season 2)

Premieres on June 8

Itching to dive into a whole array of feelings and themes, one theme that has caught showrunner Kelly Galuska’s attention is hope. In a world where hope can feel like a rare gem, Galuska sees it as an essential ingredient humans crave, especially amid the wild past couple of years. She's excited to explore this fascinating concept and weave it into the show's vast tapestry that embraces the entire spectrum of human experience. 

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

Premieres on June 9

A young man falls for a beautiful stranger. But as his love for her grows, he learns her secret and realises that their time together is fleeting.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Premieres on June 11

Taken in by an ancient clan, strong-willed warrior Snake Eyes trains to become the ultimate weapon to strike down the deadly Cobra organisation.


With Love: Season 2

Premiered on June 2

A romantic dramedy centred on siblings Lily and Jorge Diaz as they navigate big life changes and rely on their equally big family to get them through. Following her whirlwind romance with Santiago, Lily decides to focus all her energy on a personal journey of self-love by growing her makeup styling business and looking into homeownership. But when both Santiago and Nick profess their feelings for her, Lily wrestles with what is best for her future. Meanwhile Jorge begins to question whether he and Henry are truly compatible. When he meets Henry’s proud Texan parents, he can’t decide whether the relationship is a fairy tale or a nightmare.

My Fault

Premieres on June 8

Noah has to leave her town, boyfriend and friends behind and move into the mansion of William Leister, her mother’s new rich husband. Seventeen years old, proud and independent, Noah resists living in a mansion surrounded by luxury. There, she meets Nick, her new stepbrother, and the clash of their strong personalities becomes evident from the very beginning. Noah soon discovers that behind the image of a model son, Nick hides a life of fighting, gambling and illegal car racing–exactly what she has always run away from. Despite the abyss between them, both begin to feel an irresistible attraction that will soon turn into pure fire and unbridled passion. Neither the ongoing rivalry, nor the opposition of those around them can prevent them from falling secretly and madly in love. But Nick's turbulent present and Noah's stormy past will put to a test both their lives and their forbidden love.

Home School

Premieres on June 9

An alternative boarding school deep in a forest, far from civilisation. Every three years, a select group of no more than 13 students who meet strict qualifications are chosen to attend. Here, they encounter a curriculum that has never been witnessed in any other school. All students will not only study, but also live, eat, sleep, and survive within the confines of the school for three years. The teenagers expect a comfortable boarding school for wealthy kids, as promised by the school motto: "Learn and be cared for as if you're at home." However, they soon realise it feels more like a prison. There are no modern amenities like phones or internet, and everyone must follow strict rules. They wake up, sleep, and eat together. If one person breaks the rules, everyone is punished. Little do they know, this semester will change their lives forever.

The Lake: Season 2

Premieres on June 9

Justin (Jordan Gavaris) and Riley (Travis Nelson) decide to make their relationship official. But their plans, along with the beloved boathouse, go up in flames. Carrying equal parts shame and blame, Justin sets out to prove his innocence, rebuild the heart of the lake, and win back the man he loves. Meanwhile, Maisy-May (Julia Stiles) is dealing with a wildfire of her own: The return of her mother Mimsy (Lauren Holly), who claims she’s dying and wants to spend her final summer with her family on the lake. Billie (Madison Shamoun) returns for what is meant to be a one-week vacation. Her holiday changes after a gorgeous tree planter, Forrest (Jhaleil Swaby), and a fierce climate activist, Ivy (Max Amani), suddenly give her two reasons to blow up her summer.



Premieres on June 13

Adventurous duos will compete in the hardest survival test on TV. In each episode, teams will be let loose in the rugged outdoor of New Zealand and race to reach the extraction point, all whilst being chased by a unit of elite trackers in a bid to take home the grand prize of $100,000.


90 Day: The Single Life: Season 3

Premieres on June 9

Some of the most-talked about names in the 90 Day universe are diving back into the world of romance after their failed international relationships, tackling relationship challenges ranging from commitment-phobia, meddling matchmakers to ever-present ex-boyfriends, these six singles are taking another chance on love.


Old Taste Detective: Season 4

Premieres on June 6

Time can create tradition and the authentic taste of a dish however; such flavours can also change over time. With the help of a chef, hosts Kym Ng and Bryan Wong, will attempt to recreate the old taste of select delicacies.

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