Yoon showcases the art of mizuhiki in Japan
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Yoon showcases the art of mizuhiki in Japan

Phannapast 'Yoon' Taychamaytakool transforms Japanese paper cords to create thought-provoking artwork

Yoon showcases the art of mizuhiki in Japan

Renowned Thai artist Phannapast "Yoon" Taychamaytakool has captivated art enthusiasts and critics alike at the prestigious Dogo Art Event 2023 in Matsuyama, Japan.

The Dogo Art Event, known for showcasing diverse international talents and recognising their significant contribution to the contemporary art scene, welcomed Yoon as a distinguished participant. With an illustrious portfolio of thought-provoking pieces and a mastery of various mediums, Yoon's presence has definitely been a highlight at the event.

Yoon's participation in the Dogo Art Event is her unique collaboration with skilled Japanese craftsmen in the art of mizuhiki handcraft. Mizuhiki is a traditional Japanese art form that uses paper cords to create intricate and decorative knots, usually for gift wrapping and other ceremonial purposes.

This extraordinary collaboration showcases the fusion of Thai artistic sensibilities on Yoon's part with exquisite knot-tying by mizuhiki craftsmen. 

From the "U.F.O. - Unidentified Fabulous Object" theme, what comes to her mind when she thinks about the word "fabulous" is freedom. She was inspired by Aesop's fable The Frog Who Desired A King, which is about a group of frogs being dissatisfied with the king that Zeus had given them. They were given a log so made another request. This led to disastrous consequences for them. 

Yoon does not agree with the tragic ending. She believes that we are all entitled to freedom and the pursuit of a good life that satisfies our needs. The frogs in the story were taught a lesson of facing the consequence of their request, and thus Zeus sent a bird (heron or water snake in other variations) to eat them. In her opinion, the gods should not have the privilege to make decisions about the lives of the frogs based on their own emotions and punishing them. 

Mythology, storytelling, and fairy tales all have an impact on our thoughts and even decision-making, she believes. Therefore, in this instance, she has created a new fairy tale where the frogs are still brave enough to demand what they want and create a bird as a symbol of freedom for themselves, using natural resources and without relying on the gods who never understood how frogs live. The gods could not imagine or relate to how the frogs live and the problems they face. Their excessive power could lead to the oppression of others.

"In the end, the bird created by the frogs in my story may not be able to fly out of the boring pond to reach freedom beyond imagination, but it still represents the frogs' unyielding spirit and desire for freedom," Yoon quipped. The Dogo Art Event runs until Feb 29, 2024. 

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