Jimmy Carr returns to Bangkok in January
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Jimmy Carr returns to Bangkok in January

The British-Irish funnyman will be back for "Terribly Funny 2.0" show


Fans of adult humour and deadpan delivery should mark January 27, 2024, on their calendars.

Jimmy Carr, the world's leading and most prolific stand-up comic and the host of Channel 4 panel shows 8 Out Of 10 Cats, 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown and The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year, will have his third show in Bangkok.

Carr recently announced his return in a video while jokingly admitting to completely butchering the name of the venue to the point that he won't be allowed to enter Thailand, on his official Facebook page. According to his official website (jimmycarr.com), after finishing Europe dates, he will kick off the Asia leg of the "Terribly Funny 2.0" tour in Bangkok on Jan 27, 2024, before flying to Japan to perform at Tokyo Dome City Hall. 

This is long way overdue since his last sold-out show in Bangkok was back in pre-Covid 2019 when he delivered "Jimmy Carr Live in Bangkok" in the Grand Ballroom of The Westin Grande Sukhumvit. On the show date, he tweeted, 'I took a walk along Soi Cowboy...the girls in the bars all seem quite ballsy.' and, due to popular demand, another show was added on the same night. 

For his upcoming show next January, which promises all new materials, the chosen venue is Muangthai Rachadalai Theatre, on the ninth floor of The Esplanade on Ratchadaphisek Road.   

Known for controversial one-liners, savage comebacks for hecklers and "weird honking goose" laughter, Carr fans should brace themselves for adult humour and jokes based on dark subject matters that make you feel guilty to laugh about (but you can't help but do anyway).

How dark can he get, you ask? Here are 10 examples, from his tame puns to taboo subjects made light.

• "Say what you want about the deaf..."

• "I'm not worried about the Third World War. That's the Third World's Problem." 

• "The first few weeks of Weight Watchers, you're just finding your feet."

• "Because of political correctness, you're not meant to say 'air hostess' any more, are you? You're meant to say, if it's a woman, 'sky waitress', and if it's a man, 'homosexual.'"

• "It's very difficult to know whether a woman is a lesbian or just a regular girl in a very bad mood. And if you're a lesbian, and you didn't find that funny, you've proved my point for me." 

• "If we are all God's children, what's so special about Jesus?" 

• "Throwing acid is wrong. In some people's eyes."

• "Childhood is now effectively over by 11, which is when the pubs close and Uncle Terry comes home."

• "My girlfriend recently had a miscarriage...and it was doubly bad because I had to pay for it."

• "My Catholic priest told me when I was 12 years of age, 'God is watching you masturbate', and I asked, 'Is he a paedophile too, father?"

Yep, he went there. Visit bit.ly/TerriblyFunnyBangkok for tickets. B2,000 per person. 

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