The space between death and rebirth
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The space between death and rebirth

Khyentse Norbu will release his latest film on May 11

The space between death and rebirth

Renowned Bhutanese filmmaker Khyentse Norbu, celebrated for his seminal works such as "The Cup" and "Travellers And Magicians”, will release his latest cinematic masterpiece, "Pig At The Crossing”, crafted in collaboration with a cadre of young Bhutanese filmmakers.

In a bold departure from conventional filmmaking norms, this project showcases the talents of emerging voices, many of whom embarked on their maiden cinematic voyage with this endeavour.

Despite facing rejection from 30 esteemed film festivals, Pig At The Crossing perseveres to share its narrative with audiences worldwide through an innovative virtual premiere. Eschewing traditional distribution channels, the film bypasses intermediaries, offering viewers a direct connection to its creators.

Scheduled for May 11, the virtual premiere will host five screenings across various time zones, enabling audiences to choose a convenient slot aligned with their schedules. By inviting viewers to experience Pig at the Crossing firsthand, the creators foster an immersive journey that transcends geographical boundaries.

The film is about a young man, played by Kuenzang Norbu, who abruptly dies in an accident and grapples with an unfamiliar world of the space between death and rebirth.

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