New releases for your streaming pleasure: June 19-25
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New releases for your streaming pleasure: June 19-25

7 new titles from Netflix, Prime Video and HBO Go

New releases for your streaming pleasure: June 19-25

Looking for titles to binge-watch this weekend? Here's our pick!


Black Barbie

Premieres on June 19

Discover the untold story of the first Black Barbie and the pivotal role three trailblazing women at Mattel had in creating a doll who looked like them.


Premieres on June 21

Hoping to escape an abusive home, an 18-year-old accepts a simple favor from a gangster that draws him into a world of crime and violence.

Trigger Warning

Premieres on June 21

A Special Forces commando takes ownership of her father's bar after his sudden death, only to find herself at odds with a violent gang running rampant in her hometown.


Federer: Twelve Final Days

Premieres on June 20

A feature-length documentary chronicling the final 12 days of Roger Federer’s professional tennis career.

Mauseu (Mouse)

Premiers on June 20

Jung Ba Reum is a rookie police officer, working at a police substation whose life changes when he encounters a psychopathic serial killer. This drives him and his partner Go Moo Chi to unearth the truth behind psychopathic behaviours. This also raises the questions, whether it is possible to scan a psychopath in the mother's womb using fetal genetic testing? And if the child in the womb is a psychopath, will it be wise to have that child?

I Am: Celine Dion

Premiers on June 25

Directed by Irene Taylor, the documentary gives viewers a raw and honest, behind-the-scenes look at the iconic superstar’s struggle with a life-altering illness. Serving as a love letter to her fans, this inspirational documentary highlights the music that has guided her life while also showcasing the resilience of the human spirit.


The Last Voyage Of The Demeter 

Premieres on June 22

The producers of Zodiac team up with Norwegian horror virtuoso André Øvredal for a terrifying voyage based on a single chilling chapter from Bram Stoker’s classic novel “Dracula”. Strange events befall on the doomed crew of the merchant ship Demeter, stalked each night by a merciless presence that causes their numbers to dwindle night after night. 

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