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The Legend Of King Naresuan 5 follows The Legend Of King Naresuan 1, 2, 3 and 4, and comes before The Legend Of King Naresuan 6 (possible). The story is simple. Prince Nares (later King Naresuan) and his Ayutthaya army fight the invading Hongsawadee, or the Burmese.

Col Wanchana Sawasdee and Col Winthai Suvaree prepare for battle in The Legend of King Naresuan 5.

The Burmese are led by King Nanda Bayin and his viceroy, who look like bad people. The Burmese retreat, regroup and march into Kanchanaburi. Prince Nares consults his ministers and generals, using a very large map. He devises some kind of plan and moves his army to confront the invaders. The Burmese viceroy and Prince Nares have an elephant duel. We all know who wins.

Spoiler: Prince Nares’ main soldier is Lord Rachamanu. In the last film, he was speared in the neck. In this film, he’s seen as a prisoner in the Burmese camp. He’s cured by a magic balm that can heal any wound. Lord Rachamanu escapes and rejoins Prince Nares. Lord Rachamanu’s girlfriend is called Lerkin. They fight the Burmese together.

Prince Nares’ sister, Princess Supankanlaya, has been held hostage by King Nanda Bayin in the past few movies. She’s very sad because the Burmese ruler treats her badly. He rapes her. He shouts at her. She can’t escape because she loves her country. Prince Nares wants to help his sister very much. But the film ends first, so maybe there will be another sequel in which Prince Nares and Lord Rachamanu will fight more Burmese together.

The same actors return to this film. Col Wanchana Sawasdee, very muscular, plays King Naresuan. Nopachai Jayanama plays Lord Rachamanu. Col Winthai Suvaree, the coup’s spokesperson, plays the king’s brother. Jakkrit Amarat, looking mad, plays King Nanda Bayin. Napasakorn Mit-aim plays the viceroy. Intira Charoenpura plays Lerkin. Grace Mahadamrongkul plays Princess Supankanlaya.

If you find this review boring, sorry, but that’s my feeling thinking about the film, too. Thinking is still allowed, I believe, in this place and time.

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