Flight of fancy

Adaptation of French farce opens at Thonglor Art Space

Cast members of Fly With Me, Free Breakfast.

Since its launch last year, the five-storey Thonglor Art Space has hardly been short of crowd-pleasing stage productions. After The Lady Of Siam: The Musical, an adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, New Theatre Society's director Damkerng Thitapiyasak is set to present comedy Fly With Me, Free Breakfast, an adaptation from the classic farce Boeing-Boeing by French playwright Marc Camoletti.

"It all started with a discussion among our members as to which genre of play they have never acted in and I have never directed," said Damkerng. "Somehow we began to talk about the production of Waiting For Godot that we did. We remember how Farida Jiraphan [one of the cast in this production] was dressed like a flight attendant in act two and how she was so beautiful and into her character that we had an idea of doing a production which involved some sort of uniform again and that's when I thought of Boeing-Boeing."

In the new comedy, former TV star Pol Tanthasatien plays Bodin, a playboy who, through his cunningness and well-planned tricks, juggles three girlfriends — gorgeous flight attendants from three different airlines, played by Mam Pariya, Farida Jiraphan and Parnrut Kritchanchai, who are all engaged to him.

"The three flight attendants are Thai, Malaysian and Chinese," said Damkerng. "At first they have different flight schedules which makes it easy for Bodin to arrange his time. One day, however, the three airlines happen to assign all three to work on the same plane and, consequently, they have to stay at Bodin's place on the same day."

Damkerng said that the adaptation process was unique: "I just read through the original and wrote up a new script. When the script was done, we started rehearsing sequence by sequence, not taking after that of the original. We changed, fixed and added in as we went through each step. When we weren't sure, we just experimented and researched more."

The three other cast members are Suphasawatt Purnaveja who plays Bodin's friend Rabil, and Grisana Numpunpeng and Witwisit Hiranyawongkul who alternately play Bodin's young father, Byrd.

"The three actresses have worked together before so they know each other's ways pretty well," said Damkerng. "They are quite similar to the characters they are playing and Pol is the actor I had pictured in my head.

"Aside from his acting skills, he has this special personality that tends to be loved by all, a warm family man type of guy. Even though he's cunning, there's also truthfulness in him at the same time."

- Fly With Me, Free Breakfast is staged at Thonglor Art Space, Sukhumvit Soi 55, from today until June 18 (except Wed) at 7.30pm. Tickets cost 590 baht.
- For reservations, call 095-542-4555.

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