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New avant-garde, pink gold and traditional jewellery to check out

Siamese Night

In a rare occurrence, Club 21 welcomes a new Thai designer to its Erawan enclave. Sarran's necklaces and earrings from the Siam Rattikarn (Siamese night) collection are massive, dinner conversation dominators, which fashion the imagery of Thai flower garlands into wearable art. Turning Thai art and culture into modern and stunning fashion is what the namesake interior designer-turned-designer is known for, having won awards, including Elle "Thai Touch" 2015 and Vogue Who's On Next 2016. But beyond the eye-popping effect his pieces make, what's more notable is how the production process actually incorporates activism and history. Only upon touching the necklaces would you be extremely surprised at how lightweight they are -- this due to the fact that the parts that resemble the flowers are made from recycled material. They compellingly smell like flowers, too (and will continue to for another six months) because Sarran wanted to recreate what Thai women in the past did in order to smell good. Before perfume was widespread, women accessorised themselves with flower garlands on their wrists and hair, but the good thing is Sarran's pieces won't wither like the real thing.

Find Sarran at Club 21 Erawan.

Twisted Tradition


Throwing symmetry and the conventional out the door, this new house of fine jewellery at Gaysorn turns precious metals and gems into accessories beyond your usual aunty fare. Bringing a twist to tradition, Tharis designs striking, modern pieces that look like they're costume jewellery, but are made with 18K gold. With costume jewellery costing a bomb these days, the brand was born out of the question of: why pay so much for something that isn't even made with real stones and metals? Here, you can go high concept and refined, with earrings that look like folded origami, spiky diamond rings or halo-inspired pieces that look more devilish than perfect. Even the wedding rings are quirky and fun -- there's no actual rock and you're left with the shape of one, albeit in gold. Also, pink gold pieces everywhere. Their store is splashed with a wall of copper to get that across, too. So keep this name in mind if you're looking for a wide range in pink gold to choose from.

Visit Tharis on the 3rd floor of Gaysorn Plaza.


Maison Artinian

The name Artinian has been in the jewellery business since 1997, but their new boutique store, Maison Artinian, just opened its doors at the Author's Lounge at Mandarin Oriental last October. In truth, this company has long been manufacturing for big global names, but now introduces a "lifestyle" touch point for customers to enjoy their gems in a relaxed but swanky setting. Currently, there's a new easy-to-wear Valentine's Day collection that just arrived in store. Exhibiting a floral interplay with rose gold, the Zeste Collection mixes diamonds with mother of pearl, agate and quartz in a variety of earrings, rings, necklaces and bangles. Besides its complete array of fine jewellery collections, you can also find porcelain sets with splashy patterns by Elizabeth Romhild -- a colourful and luxurious feast for the eyes when you need a rest from all the sparkle.

Visit Maison Artinian at Mandarin Oriental.

A Roaring Chinese New Year

If you're looking to treat yourself today or gift someone with something besides red envelopes, Pandora has you covered. The Danish jewellery house celebrates this Chinese New Year with a quirky Chinese Lion Dance charm. Inspired by the ear-drumming dance that is said to welcome prosperity and luck, this charm is crafted from sterling silver and features a fiery red enamel, with rows of shimmering cubic zirconia stones. It'll make a perfect addition to the family of red lanterns and Chinese dolls from the previous years. If you're insistent on stones, there are stud earrings and necklace pendants with garnets for January babies and synthetic rubies for those born in July. Coming in an understated and versatile design, it's a classic piece that can be worn every day despite its vibrant colour. Prices start from 2,650 baht.

Available at all Pandora stores.

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