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Designer Kit Neale and Ikea introduce SPRIDD

Kit Neale.

In case you haven't gotten the memo, this season's trend as seen on catwalks is about piling all kinds of prints and patterns together to create a frenzied, colourful jumble. To put the print-on-print-on-print effect all around you, Ikea's SPRIDD collection is just the thing for your home. In collaboration with fashion designer Kit Neale, the furnishing giant has released a range of tents, lanterns, mugs, bags, poufs and sleeping bags that use the bold patterns the East London brand is known for.

Founded in 2012, the designer's namesake brand is one of the most exciting to emerge from London's fashion scene, having also worked with big names like Lavazza, Opening Ceremony, Coca-Cola and Hallmark. Keep this name in mind when collaboration talk comes up and you want to show you're in the know about who's hot. There are four different designs, each loosely inspired by a different musical style -- as well as a line of tees that are a lot easier to wear (and to afford) than the main label. In this mix of music, fashion and furniture, Neale tells us how he brings his tongue-in-cheek and vibrant designs to the Swedish retailer.

Kit Neale.

What is the heart of this collection?

SPRIDD is very festive with the tents, duffel bags and flasks, and then there are the boxes for moving away to university or wherever. You can just pick them up and chuck them in the car, on the bus, the train or the plane. This is a collection to be moved. It's inspired by youth culture and what it means to be young. Youth is a chaotic period in people's lives, and maybe the most important. It sets us up for good.

What do you always keep in mind when you design?

Everything we put out there has to have a purpose; it can't be just a product. Fashion is very fickle, but we're trying not to be. We're trying to be aware. Still the purpose of our work can be as simple as making something pretty. We want to give beauty, enjoyment and fun in a dark world. We want to bring smiles to people's faces.

What's the primary difference between designing clothes and designing furniture?

Interior is a lot about functionality; in fashion, function is merely a by-product. So we kept saying to Ikea that if we bring the energy and the attitude, you guys can take care of the rest.

What do you like most about this collection?

There are many details you don't notice until you take a closer look -- like the rubbery parts on a cushion, or the scale of a big fish on a duvet cover. There's a lot to discover. The collection still surprises me, in fact.

The SPRIDD collection is now available at Ikea.

SPRIDD collection.

SPRIDD collection.

Kit Neale's fun spirit from the main label is transferred into home decor from Ikea.

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