TrueMove H, Ericsson to usher in new telecommunications era with 5G trial rollout

Telecomm giants team up to develop Thailand's first ever 5G data transmission system

Leading Thai Telecomm provider TrueMove H has reached a major milestone in the development of its country-wide network, in a sweeping collaboration with Sweden-based Ericsson (Thailand) that will see Thailand's first-ever 5G system go on-stream.

The ground-breaking collaboration is focused on developing the communication technologies needed to support the impending "Thailand 4.0" phase of the country's ongoing technological evolution.

The soon-to-be-launched 5G technology--which will initially be rolled out on a limited trial-run basis--will employ cutting-edge MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology, which uses clusters of antennas both at the signal source (transmitter) and the destination (receiver) to minimize errors and optimise data speed, as well as Time Division Duplex (TDD), a transmission scheme that separates uplink and downlink data transmission signal flows.

All combined, these technical features will put Thailand firmly on-course towards its 5G telecomm technology aspirations.

True Corporation's Chief Network Operation Officer Adisak Prasongsup sang the praises of his company's rapidly-growing technological capabilities: "TrueMove H, the mobile network provider with the highest 900/850/1800 and 2100 MHz spectrum and 4.5G station presence in Thailand--and providing the largest network with the most coverage--now offers commercial 4.5 service, dubbed ‘TrueMove H 4G+' in Thailand. And we are continuing in technology advancement that will improve our network quality to 5th-generation mobile network".

TrueMove H provides the best quality service in Thailand, and is now the only network with the capacity and technology to handle the 5G ecosystem and provide speeds at the Gbps level, or 30 times faster than 4G. TrueMove H also offers the widest-ranging national coverage, at 98%, as well as the lowest latency rate, which reduces lag time fivefold.

"Concerning the 5G technology trial, we are collaborating with Ericsson to design and develop the first technology of its kind for the internet and wireless networks. Thanks to massive MIMO TDD, the 5G technology we are developing will be about 20x faster than the current 4.5G technology. Everything's almost ready and we will be rolling out this state-of-the-art 5G service soon."

Another technology that TrueMove H will soon offer is NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT).

Ericsson (Thailand) Ltd. president Nadine Allen said of the partnership:  "As a world-leading player in telecoms, Ericsson is delighted to be a close partner with TrueMove H on this exciting project … We are proud to be able to help drive the Thai telecommunications industry in a way that will give all Thais the opportunity to enjoy ultra-fast communications experiences."

Voicing her company's confidence, Ms. Allen summed it up this way: "The certain success of the 5G trial will put better technology at Thai consumers' fingertips, opening doors to better living, more prosperity and a sustainable future."

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