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Vivin Maison opens its flagship delicatessen at Gourmet Market, Emquartier

Photos courtesy of Vivin Maison

Quality is still hard to come by these days. And you'll find just about anything gets put into our food now. Chemicals upon chemicals, at times it definitely feels like one doesn't know who to trust. Daily life is comprised of filtering out the good from the bad and the downright dirty. Yet, it's good to know that in Vivin Maison we can trust.

With the opening of its first flagship store, at EmQuartier, the already established brand Vivin Maison appears to have shifted its operation into a higher plain, sky-rocketing high above the competition by focusing on what the consumer really wants at heart and really honing in on this concept of glocal, i.e. think global, act local. This is all about the mixing of culinary cultures and the bringing of French know-how to the Thai palate, using as many local ingredients as possible. As founder Nicolas Vivin puts it, it's about "having the courage to adapt what we think to be perfect" -- and perhaps making it even better too? Vivin Maison has also always been a provider of quality gourmet products; if you're looking for Italian caviar, red, black or white kompot pepper from Cambodia or whole goose foie gras mixed with Thai mangoes or Chalong Bay rum, this is definitely your go-to.

We had the privilege of trying Vivin Maison's new Larb dried duck magret (B340) which uses the brand's all-knew Isan influenced Larb powder (B200), fusing what would altogether be two very different schools of, well, food. converging. The end result is quite spectacular, and moreish too. The dried duck, parfait, and we're actually really not fans of duck so that really is saying something. We can easily foresee this marvellous larb powder being poured over pizzas or sprinkled atop sandwiches too, even used with guacamole? The possibilities are quite endless.

If you really want to go all out with a wine and cheese evening, really, what is the point of buying cheese that is made in France, when simply put, we can make it at home? Sorry, Vivin Maison can make it at home. We're all about the artisanal cheese from Chiang Mai, especially the Buchette (B370) made with local goat milk. Absolutely delicious and bloody brilliant with a nice loaf of French bread (baked in Bangkok, of course!). Be sure to warm up the bread first and also whack on some cranberry sauce too if you're feeling super naughty. If you really want something special, get the Garlic & herb (B230) and do remember to sprinkle some of that larb powder on it. It seriously works. #yum.

We're equally all about the Saucisse sèche (B340) made with cashew nuts from Phuket. Again, very moreish. Guilty pleasures are the ones we live for though. For more info on Vivin Maison, check out

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