The miracle of mud

Moor mud body wrap.

Dirty as it seems, peat is actually the original organic spa product, used in balneotherapy as far back as 120 BC when the Romans dipped into a brownish bath to soak in its curative properties.

Inspired by the age-old treatment, Let's Relax Spa has put a peaty pampering on its spa menu, available at various locations in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Koh Samui and Phuket.

Each spa has a different concept, with the renovated Sukhumvit 39 branch, a three-storey white residence boasting a resort theme and spacious treatment rooms to deliver the Golden Moor facial, body scrub and wrap, each taking one hour and priced at 1,200 baht.

The Canadian Golden Moor spa products feature moor mud sourced from a bog in Casselman, Ontario, where an ecosystem uncontaminated by pollution and the slow, natural biological and geological processes over many thousands of years gives the peat its therapeutic properties.

A treatment room at Let's Relax Spa Sukhumvit 39.

The Casselman mud is supposed to be high in humic acid, produced from the biodegradation of plants and dead organic matter. The health and beauty benefits of humic acid are of a piece with its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and rejuvenating effects.

Dubbed "black oxygen", the moor mud also moisturises and replenishes the skin with antioxidants, during the messy yet soothing full-body wrap which is left on the skin for 30 minutes to work in.

An analysis of the composition shows that it contains plants, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, volatile oils, amino acids, enzymes, phytohormones and natural antibiotics.

Therapeutic uses of the moor mud include applying a generous layer on troubled body parts such as the shoulders, hands and feet to release muscle tension and reduce arthritic pain.

Golden Moor Body Scrub & Polish.

Peat, pumice, eucalyptus and rosemary are mixed in the Golden Moor Body Scrub & Polish used for exfoliating the skin, while moor mud combines with chocolate in a facial mask to detox and revitalise the complexion.

The moor mud treatment trio kicks off a series of monthly promotions to mark Let's Relax's 20th anniversary, with a big celebration scheduled later this year.

Say yes to oil

Attempting to break myths about beauty oils, L'Occitane has launched the "Why Face Oil" campaign coupled with the upgraded Immortelle Divine Youth Oil, containing 10% more essential oils from the Corsican immortelle flower.

The campaign singles out seven benefits of including facial oils in one's skincare routine. Even those with oily skin should have a bottle that helps in balancing sebum production.

The Provence-based brand says that any skin type can use the face oil, first as a pre-serum that primes the skin for application of following products such as serum and cream, whose ingredients will be better absorbed accordingly.

Purportedly a pure natural product, L'Occitane's facial oil features a blend of the immortelle essential oil and a complex of seven plant-derived ingredients.

A yellow flower that never fades or wilts even after it has been picked, immortelle has been used in traditional medicine for problems such as bruising and inflammation.

Inspired by the resilience of the wild and everlasting flower, L'Occitane labs conducted research on its regenerative molecules, and assumed that the effect could be transferred to the skin.

The essential oil from the imperishable plant is hailed as an anti-ageing ingredient that helps the skin fight off environmental aggressors.

The oil further provides moisturisation, more important for mature skin, with its declining natural oils and dry appearance. One drop of the silky oil can also be mixed with a face cream, to enhance the latter's performance against wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

The versatile Immortelle Divine Youth Oil can be used as a soothing after-sun skincare, and a make-up primer for easier application and longer wear of foundation and concealer.

Lastly, the oil can be used alone to wake up fatigued skin with a gentle face massage.

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil.

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