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Neuy battles sex pic claims, Kan defanged, Jay hits streets

Net idol fights off 'fraudster'

Former net idol Saitharn ''Neuy'' Wangprasert is preparing to go to police after a man she identifies as an online fraudster released compromising images, supposedly of her with another man, and linked her to illicit drugs.

Neuy, who is married to Panya "Keng Laiprang" Yimumphai, a tattoo-clad net idol serving three years in jail on an old drugs charge, is preparing to lay a police complaint after a Facebook contact, Raja Zulqarnain Haider, demanded the return of 2 million baht which he claims he paid for her husband's Facebook site, and started backing up the demand with online threats and leaked images.

Saitharn 'Neuy' Wangprasert

Neuy made an initial complaint to Bang Khen police on Dec 24 about Mr Haider, known as Bang Jack in the Thai media, when a business arrangement involving the sale of iPhones online went sour. Since then the dispute has escalated to include a supposed payment for her husband's Facebook site.

The growing saga last week roped in former celebrity boxer and internet gambler Apirak "Sia Po" Chatharnon, after Bang Jack released images, including some taken from hidden cameras in a bedroom, which supposedly showed the couple in bed. He also suggested Neuy had ordered drugs from Sia Po, a claim the pair deny.

Bang Jack, who is often linked with celebrities but who appears to have no hard-won reputation of his own, was arrested in Nakhon Ratchasima in August, 2016 for illegal entry, after publicly threatening presenter Panadda "Boom" Wongphudee and speed racer Akarakit "Benz Racing" Worarojcharoendet, since convicted to eight years in jail for drugs money-laundering.

Explaining their involvement in the latest fuss, Neuy and Sia Po said Bang Jack contacted them on social media with business offers and turned against them when they spurned his advances.

"He gets in touch with people who have large followings online, and pretends to befriend them in the hope of cashing in. In my case he asked me if he could share my live Facebook sessions to help him sell phones online. When I later stopped sharing the sessions with him, he started making up stories to damage my reputation," Sia Po said.

In Neuy's case, she said Bang Jack contacted her a month ago, asking her to help him sell the iPhone Xs Max online for 30,000 baht. In return for picking up the phones at the airport and delivering them to customers in Thailand, he would send her fees of 40,000-50,000 baht a month. He asked to use her account for the transactions, claiming he had no bank account of his own in Thailand.

Neuy said she received two transfers to her account of 30,000 baht each, which Bang Jack promptly asked her to send him.

Later police contacted her to say a customer who had ordered a phone online and sent the money to Neuy's account had complained that the phone had yet to arrive.

Neuy said she was unable to make contact again with Bang Jack, who failed to send her the phone from overseas as agreed, or send her fees for acting as his agent. She was left having to repay the defrauded customer 30,000 baht from her own funds.

Separately, Neuy said Bang Jack had also offered to buy Keng's Facebook site. As a former net idol and presenter, Keng had a large number of followers, which Bang Jack hoped to leverage for commercial purposes.

"He got in touch on Dec 19 to say he knew Keng was in jail and would offer to help me make an income. He said Keng had agreed to sell his FB site to him for 2 million baht. I let him have the password, but later he told me he could not pay in a lump sum and would have to send me the money gradually. When I called off the arrangement, Bang Jack started threatening me," Neuy told police.

Bang Jack posted an ATM slip which purported to show he had transferred 2 million baht to Neuy for the FB site. While he later agreed in a TV interview that he had fabricated the ATM slip, he insisted he had sent Neuy the equivalent amount in American currency in a phone box for the FB site, a claim she also denies.

Bang Jack has since released a series of leaked images and clips, including some taken from hidden cameras in the ceiling of a bedroom, which show a couple and a threesome in bed, to back up his demand for the FB money.

While the faces of the protagonists are obscured, Bang Jack claims they include Neuy, and says he has a stash of 450 such clips which he was prepared to release if she did not agree to pay him the 2 million baht.

Denying she owes him anything, Neuy, who says she has never met Bang Jack, said she was now gathering evidence from victims whom he had defrauded with a view to laying a further police complaint.

Kan gets New Year windfall

Wiphakorn 'Kan' Sukpimai

Rocker Sek Loso's former wife, Wiphakorn "Kan" Sukpimai, has welcomed the return of 3 million baht which her former lover, a former celebrity boxer and self-confessed gambler, gave her last week in partial repayment of a huge debt.

Kan, who in October posted images of her debtor, Apirak "Sia Po" Chatharnon (also see story above), taking illicit drugs, has since had a change of heart towards her former fling, welcoming the partial repayment of a 60 million baht loan he gave her for a boxing and gambling venture.

Unrelated to Kan's drugs claims, Sia Po was charged the same month with inviting Thais to gamble, and suspected money-laundering, after he broadcast a Facebook live session from a casino across the border. He is paying back Kan in dribs and drabs, with the 3 miliion repayment one of the largest to have come to light.

Posting about her largesse on social media, Kan said Sia Po had given her the money as a New Year's gift. "You're starting to look a little sweeter. If you keep carrying on like this, I won't slam you publicly. I have taken receipt of a large sum of money at New Year...this year promises to be a lucky one for sure," she enthused.

Meanwhile, Kan and Sek's new lover, former model Apisaya "Eve" Pattanaworasap, have laid police complaints against each other in an escalating dispute over the rocker's heart which media reports liken to a love triangle.

When Kan turned up at Sek's home on Dec 23 in a bid to evict Eve and reclaim the property for herself and the couple's three children, Sek called Kannayao police to intervene. The police asked for proof of ownership papers to his Sai Mai house and in the meantime asked the two feuding women to leave.

Facing a temporary setback, Kan wasted no time in letting fly on social media, referring to Eve's looks and posting darkly about how Eve might end up as a spirit or even a dead body without a spirit to guard it. "I can guarantee you won't have any fun, concrete face!" she said.

Eve went to Kannayao police, saying while she was prepared to accept most people on face value, she also wanted to stand up for her rights. Later in the week, Kan returned the favour, laying a counter-complaint against Eve at the station.

Rapper's moving busker tribute

Jetrin 'Jay' Wattanasin and Satien Srisopha

Rapper Jetrin "Jay" Wattanasin is winning praise on the internet for helping a blind busker who makes a living singing Jay's songs at Chatuchak market.

Jay asked his followers to help find busker Satien Srisopha after a fan sent him a clip of the man wandering about the market singing. Jay said he figured Mr Satien must himself be a fan if he knew his songs that well.

A member of Jay's fanclub managed to locate him and Jay and his wife arranged a meeting. Jay gave him cash to help buy some new equipment for his busking, and help pay off some debts.

"Mr Satien has a wife and two children...his oldest child is 18, the youngest 13 and still at school. Mr Satien, whose wife is seriously ill, is the main earner of the family. He makes about 500 baht a day busking. He also earns an disability allowance, but that doesn't go far. He has to take a bus from the Mahachai area to the market every day," Jay said.

"I feel moved that he is a member of my fanclub and can see how hard he works. He can't see but he draws on his singing gift to support his family," Jay said. He posted a clip in which he joins Mr Satien performing.

Netizens praised Jay for going out of his way to find Mr Satien and bestowing on him the New Year's gift.