Pizza pundits

Bangkok's best loved circles (or triangles)

Who doesn't love pizza? If you say "me" then kindly be aware that everyone is judging you. Pizza is one of the most loved comfort foods and honestly, this circular pie of goodness and love brings such a smile to our faces every time we see it. Fortunately, Bangkok isn't short on restos selling pizzas and Bangkokians have a pretty wide selection of where to satiate our cravings. Whether your taste buds are wanting some traditional Italian pizzas or perhaps you want to feast on a full one-metre rectangular pizza with your buddies, you can get all these right here in the Big Mango -- you just have to know where to look. And that's where we come in. Rest easy, readers -- here are our picks of the best pizzas around the city.


Park Lane Mall, Ekamai Tues-Sun 5pm - 10.30pm,, 02-060-8822

Owned by Brooklyn-born Jonathan Spearman, who also is behind the counter every day making the pizzas himself, Pizzeria Mazzie offers an intimate setting to enjoy pizza. The pizzas have two categories, red and white. If you want something rich in taste, stick to the "red" side of the menu. The Brooklyn classic cheese (B350++), a crowd favourite, is your definite go-to if you want something simple yet tasty, or if pie is your thing, opt for the Pepperoni (B450++). For something with a little spice, try The Hot Hipster (B510++). My favourite is the No. 3 (B370++), which is a "white" pizza topped with tomatoes, Parma ham and truffle oil that elevates this pie. They've also got a number of wines and craft beers, as well as signatures like Mazzie's meatballs (B450++).


Ekamai 12 Mon-Thurs 6-11.45pm, Friday 5-11.45pm, Saturday 11am-3pm/5-11.45pm, Sunday 11am-3pm/6-11.45pm,, 062-208-8828

The eponymous Lola, a young woman who may or may not exist, has travelled all around the world and brought her favourite dishes to one resto right here in the Big Mango. Lola by Cocotte offers more than just pizzas, of course, which is to be expected because Lola's extensive travels definitely meant she tried more than just pizzas. However, Lola's pizzas are definitely top-notch (duh, or they won't be on the list). The classic Burrata and Parma ham pizza (B520++), a great mixture of creamy and salty, is one of my favourites. Other classics include the tried and tested Margherita (B290++), a pizza you can never go wrong with, as well as others like their Eight cheese pizza (B490++) and the Truffle pizza (B690++).


72 Courtyard, Thong Lor Daily 5pm-2am, 02-392-6922

Derived from the words "carbs" and "bar", Carbar is one of the new restos added recently to Thong Lor's 72 Courtyard. Before you go all crazy just because you see the word "carbs", the reason behind the name is because Carbar serves up Italian-inspired pizzas and pastas. So yes, the dishes are carb-filled but are you really going to deny yourself some pizza and pasta goodness? Their four pizzas are all traditionally Italian so the likes of Prosciutto di Parma (B290++) complete with rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes, as well as the Margherita (B220++) can be found on the menu. Their Salami picante (B340++) with purple onion and mushroom gives a bit of a saltier taste with just a tiny hint of spice. But my favourite would have to be the Italian sausage (B290++) riddled with mushrooms and topped off in the centre with a runny egg.


Sathon 7 Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-11.30pm,, 02-286-8805

Il Bolognese has been serving authentic Italian cuisine at Sathon for more than five years. The menu is extensive and I mean extensive. There's so much to feast on and so many directions you can choose to go. Italian staples abound with the likes of great pastas such as the Ravioli all'ossobuco (B530++) and desserts like the classic Tiramisu (B220++), which you shouldn't miss! There's also the creamy and satisfying Mousse al prosecco (B340++). Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that this is all about pizzas. Il Bolognese's pizzas have a lot to offer. Whatever your preference, whether it be red, white or a cheeseless pizza (which I guess is strictly for those who are lactose intolerant because if you're not and you don't like cheese on your pizza -- are you even human?), they've got it. Their dough is pretty great as well, giving the pizzas that great crunch when you bite into it triangle first but as you get to the crust it's equal parts crunchy and chewy. I tried the Parma & stracciatella (B590++) complete with creamy burrata and the contrasting Parma ham, which is just the right amount of salty. I was also able to sink my teeth into the Diablo (B490++), which gives a bit of spice as its name suggests and is also rich in flavour. Those are only two of the many choices you have, and I'm only talking about pizzas. You can also opt to go for whole wheat dough to lessen your guilt. Also, the resto's GM, Andrea, is super friendly and welcoming and will definitely make you feel at home as you chow your way through your pizzas and pastas.


Sukhumvit 49 and at 15/1 Soi Ruamrudee Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-12am, 02-651-5091

Pizza Massilia started out as a simple pizza truck in 2015 but now they've got two locations: on Ruamrudee and on Sukhumvit 49. While their pizza truck still operates bringing their chef's original pizzas all around the Big Mango, their restos serve Italian dishes to boot. They also serve a business set lunch on weekdays! But as their name suggests, the pizzas are the main stars. They've also got a choice for gluten free or whole wheat dough for an added B100++. The Burrata & culatello (B590++) is their variation of the creamy cheese with the culatello ham. If you want something a little out of the norm, the Eggplant & burrata (B390++) is your go-to for some veggie goodness, while the Carpaccio beef (B590++) provides a great alternative from the usual ham you find on many pizzas.


MRT Sukhumvit exit 3 7:30am-11:30pm,, 02-259-1228

Pizza Pala Romana has been around for eight years and can be found right next to the Dunkin' Donuts when you get off the escalator of the MRT Sukhumvit. The resto has been famous for being a quick pizza stop where people can just go to the counter, see the pizzas on display and get a slice for takeout. Like the other restos, Pizza Pala Romana also offers numerous other Italian dishes that I'm definitely going back to try, like the seafood pasta Tonarelli di Nero di seppia con gamberi & zucchina (B315++), a dish whose name we dare you to say five times fast, and then of course there's the Tiramisu (B170++). Their pizzas are different from the rest of the ones on this list because they serve them in rectangular slices. Prices are also categorised as per slice, half a metre, or a full metre. Yes, if you're that famished for pizza, you can get yourself a full rectangular metre of goodness. The Boscaiola (B120++, B930++, B1,060++) is a tasty mix of mushrooms and the resto's homemade Italian sausage. Meanwhile, the Diavola (B110++, B850++, B1,530++) is the salty one of the mix what with the sumptuous salami riddled all over it. The last one I was able to get my hands on was the Rucola, buratta e crudo (B130++, B1,000++, B1,800++), which is loaded with creamy cheese, rocket salad and Parma ham.