A summer of fun

The heat may be scorching but that doesn't mean you can't have a good time

Summer is here -- like that's not at all obvious. As the heat bears down on all of us Bangkokians, the temptation to simply spend these hellish days locked up in our rooms with the AC turned high (or is it low? You get what I mean) while we cuddle in our blankets and binge hours and hours on end of Netflix shows is strong. But that doesn't have to be the case. There's still a bunch of enjoyable things to do around the city despite the heat. In fact, they're not only fun, but they're perfect things to during the summer time. So stop being a lazy bum, get off that couch and outta the house, and don't worry, you can still have your ice cream. Here's a few summer activities to get you up and going during this heatwave.


B1-B2 Floor, Siam Paragon
http://SeaLifeBangkok.com, 02-687-2000

Bangkok's own immersive aquarium in the heart of the city has been an attraction for tourists and locals alike for a number of years. Not only is it accessible, it provides a pretty cool experience for the entire family. You can walk underneath the ocean tunnel and watch aquatic creatures casually swim above you or you can get on a boat and watch them swim beneath you through a glass bottom boat. But I suggest that really get in there -- literally. If you thought you had to travel to a pricey island destination to swim with sharks then surprise, surprise -- you can actually swim with sharks in the Bangkok! Tick off an item on your bucket list and swim beside sharks for a price of B6,900, for those who are first time divers. Costs go down if you've got a diving license. Alternatively, if you don't want a shark swimming nearby, go for the Ocean Walker experience where you can be fully immersed -- pun definitely intended -- in the aquatic experience instead of viewing it through a glass. Priced at B2,500 per person.

Photos: Sea Life Bangkok


120/6 A-Square, Sukhumvit soi 26
http://fb.com/FlowHouseBangkok, 099-083-8787

Surf's up! If you're bummed out that you're in a concrete jungle with the nearest beach being an hour away without any surfable waves, look no further than Flow House Bangkok. Bangkok's surfing venue gives you a chance to test your surf skills so you can prep for the big waves on an actual beach. If you're a first timer, don't be intimidated because they've got people on hand to train you. Flow House also offers more -- it's a pretty cool place to just hang with friends and family. Grab a few beers, share food, get surfing and make sure to get hilarious wipeout videos that you can look back on. You can also host a kid's party if they want to ride waves. Currently, they're running two promotions: the Sun Set Surf promo, which offers one-hour rides for B550+ from 6-10pm, and Ladies Thursday with rides priced at B300+ from 6-11pm.

Photos: Flow House Bangkok


18/4 Soi Sudsawas, Lieab Klong 6 Road, Lam Luk Ka
http://ThaiWakePark.com, 086-644-2545

Prefer something a little faster and intense? Thai Wake Park is the place to be. Wakeboarding has become a popular sport in Bangkok and Thai Wake Park welcomes novice and experienced wakeboarders. Touted as being "by riders for riders", Thai Wake Park's vast open space provides ample room for tricks or safe wipeout zones if you're still just trying to get your bearings. For first timers, they've got free training where they provide all the equipment like the board, helmet and life jacket. The lowest price is B850 for two hours doesn't include equipment rental fees. However, if you're planning on visiting them frequently, it's best if you sign up and become a Club Card Member or a TWP Member, which have special prices. Protip: tickets are cheaper online so book 'em on their website! If you think you're going to be spent by the end of your wakeboarding sesh then you can also book a room at the Hotel RIDE n' Lazy.

Photos: Andy Kolb


Central Bangna, 6th floor
http://PororoAquaPark.com, 02-745-7377

The Korean animated character Pororo has a waterpark of his own in the city. Atop Central Bangna is Pororo AquaPark Bangkok, the waterpark comes with more than 600m of waterslides, a 400m river ride and nine different pool zones. And yes, all of this is just above Central Bangna. Plus, they've also got a Pool Bar Zone where the fam can refuel. If you're planning on taking the kids out and want to go somewhere where everyone can have a bit of fun, then Pororo AquaPark may be what you're looking for. Tickets are not too pricey as well: kids and seniors pay B280, while adults' pay B400. If you think you're going to be a regular visitor, you can sign up for the annual pass, which costs B4,000 a year.

Photos: Pororo AquaPark Bangkok


Until Apr 30 CPN Malls

With malls being a typical hangout destination, it's no surprise that the Central Pattana group is amping up summer fun; like in CentralWorld in Bangkok, CentralFestival in Pattaya, Central Phuket and other branches, all adding up to 32 branches nationwide. They're enticing people to spend the summer with them by offering a number of things like the Fashion Trend Setting, which is 23 fashion shows, as well as a Thai dessert festival called "Taste Of Summer". Summer Markets will provide shoppers with all of their summer necessities, while social media addicts will have perfect pics to post thanks to the Instagrammable Spots designed by Thai illustrator Kantapon Metheekul. The 1 Members will also get a chance to win a trip to Tomorrowland music festival and a Europe tour where you will travel from Bangkok to the Netherlands and onto Belgium.

Photos: Central Pattana