Time for Taiwan

'Nantou The Miracle Of Taiwan' travel fair is taking place at CentralPlaza Grand Rama 9. photo courtesy of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Bangkok Office

Thanks to the visa-exempt entry policy and the constant availability of promotional airfare, Taiwan's popularity among Thai travellers is continually increasing. If it's the destination for your next trip, here is an event that will give you all the information you need about one of Taiwan's most beautiful regions.

Organised by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, "Nantou The Miracle Of Taiwan" is taking place from now until July 14 at CentralPlaza Grand Rama 9. The travel fair focuses on the county that is home to the world-famous Sun Moon Lake.

But Nantou, with its mountainous terrain in the middle of the island, has much more to offer than the scenic lake. At the event, you will find booths from various operators in the Nantou's tourism industry, not just tour agencies, hotels and homestay operators but also souvenir shops and restaurants. Therefore, Taiwanese goodies, including bubble tea, will be another highlight of the fair. Proceeds from the sale of certain food items will go to charity. But that's not all: airlines and tour companies in Thailand also join in to offer travel packages and special promotions.

"Nantou The Miracle Of Taiwan" is being held on the first floor of CentralPlaza . All are invited from 10am-10pm. Admission is free.

For more information, call the Taiwan Tourism Bureau Bangkok Office on 02-126-6201.