Tai dishes the dirt, Au lashes Chor party, Blue feels heat

Unfaithful songster in strife again

Former actress Saitarn "Tai" Niyomkarn has dished the dirt on her former boyfriend, accusing him of raising a wife and family on the sly and systematically defrauding people.

Tai last week unleashed a flurry of social media posts, capped with a TV interview in which she accused her ex-partner, singer John "The Voice" Ratchata, of being unfaithful and lying about his past. The couple declared they were seeing each other only a short time ago, and were so enthusiastic about the relationship that it sparked teasing admiration from friends.

Since then Tai says she has discovered a darker side, including that John, who came to fame as a contestant in The Voice 3, has been married for 10 years with two children.

When she discovered the truth, he claims he and his wife had agreed to divorce and were staying together for the sake of the kids. However, Tai said John refused to present the couple's divorce papers despite repeated requests.

Saitarn ‘Tai’ Niyomkarn and John ‘The Voice’ Ratchata

"He also offered to apologise by entering the monkhood to expurgate his sins, but carried on going out at night. He refused to answer my calls and Line messages," she said.

Tai said she also spoke to Jonh's wife who insisted they were parting. However, she said John and his wife carried on talking every day.

Tai said two women contacted her in the early days claiming to be victims of the singer, whom they said borrowed heavily from them but failed to pay back the money. The women formed their own group to discuss his exploits with Tai agreeing on their behalf that he would go public to "tear away his mask".

Tai said she had evidence gleaned from John's phone of him and his wife duping people.

Speaking via a phone-in to the TV show, John apologised for his conduct without disclosing much detail. In response, Tai urged John and his wife to stop ripping off victims and come clean.

Separately, John Ratchata is facing police complaints of fraud, defamation and breaching copyright after his role in a copyright mixup in which the leading song for two rival soaps ended up sounding almost the same.

The teams behind soap operas for Channel 3 and Channel 7 laid a joint complaint in May with Chokchai police accusing him of taking a melody he knew was composed by someone else and selling it wrongfully to Channel 7.

Channel 3, unaware the tune had already passed to the rival channel, had worked with the composer on the tune as the main theme for a soap. As it happens the composer had sent it on to a producer who worked with John a couple of years before. John later offered it to Channel 7 without the composer's knowledge. He knew about Channel 7's interest in recording it, but failed to pass word back down the line.

The teams behind Mai Keuy Leum Ter Jak Hua Jai, leading song from the Channel 7 soap Kulab Krao Petch, and Wang Piang Rak Jing, leading song from the Channel 3 soap Raeng Ngao 2 said they were stunned to find that when the soaps went to air in May, coincidentally on the same day, the melodies sounded almost exactly the same.

Channel 7 was forced to pull the song from its soap and delete the music video after it did some digging and found the melody, which it thought it had bought from its rightful owner, did not in fact belong to it at all.

John, who had peddled the tune to insiders as part of a "song bank" of material, came under heavy fire for his behaviour, with the songwriter responsible for producing the Channel 7 effort calling him "scum" who deserved no place in the industry. John agreed his conduct was unethical. The saga continues.

We're famous, why say sorry

Singer and activist Haruthai "Au" Muangbunsri has waded into the dispute over a hashtag urging critics of Future Forward Party spokeswoman and MP Pannika "Chor" Wanich to give her a slap, when a slew of celebrities made hasty backtracks after initially supporting the gesture.

Pop singer Amita "Tata" Young apologised after coming under fire last week for supporting a comment on the Instagram of businessman Adisorn Sorpa, chairman of Elegance Group and CEO of NEXT Company, who organises her concerts.

The singer "liked" his Instagram post that said: "Let's wait to slap E Chor at the arrival lane". "E Chor" is a crude nickname given to Pannika, stemming from her brush with four-time MP Palang Pracharath MP Parina Kraikup in June, who objected to Chor wearing a hi-fashion pants suit to parliament.

From left: Pannika ‘Chor’ Wanich; Amita ‘Tata’ Young

Haruthai ‘Au’ Muangbunsri

As a signpost of her rapid rise to political fame, and willingness to buck convention, the daring outfit also fed into a police probe which Chor now faces over graduation photographs since unearthed by her critics in which she allegedly shows disrespect to the monarchy.

Two other celebrities who chimed in with similar remarks in which they gave tacit support to assaulting the MP also promptly apologised after suffering a backlash on social media.

Singer Pete "Pol" Christensen said he was merely responding to the post, which he thought was funny. He didn't support "bullying" anyone.

His stance is similar to Tata's, who admitted she did not think before posting "Please proceed!" in reaction to the slap entreaty.

Singer Puttida "Eve" Sirachaya said she was too busy rearing her children to pay much attention to politics, but nonetheless found time to chime in with "she's unlikely to get away without a slap".

The first she knew netizens were displeased was when one left a message at her social media site warning her not to assault her kids.

Responding to the rush of apologies, singer Au, a vocal critic of the Future Forward Party whom she claims are "selling out the nation", last week stood up for the right of celebrities to speak their mind.

Au asked what kind of democracy Thais live in if people can't air their views. "Is democracy [as precious as] your own clan, or what? To the extent you can ban celebrities and artists from having a say. Is it just politicians who can just air views on politics? No, not necessarily!' she spat. The row continues.

Naughty nurse Blue gets about

Netizens are adamant that DJ Prachakorn "Sun" Piyasakulkaew started seeing a young net idol, in trouble for showing too much flesh on the internet, before he broke up with a high-profile DJ, despite his claims she did not act as a "third hand".

Sun earlier this month denied rumours that net idol and "pretty" presenter Jirarat "Kru Blue" Chananto acted as a rival love interest breaking up his three-year relationship with DJ Sakuntala "TonHorm" Teinpairoj. Earlier, TonHorm confirmed the pair had broken up since early May, and left open the question of whether a third hand was involved.

TonHorm, who recently took on the duties of surrogate mother to her younger brother's newborn, said she doubted the young boy, Pok Pong, was responsible for the pair drifting apart. However, Sun cited the child as the main factor in complicating their relationship and insisted Blue, as she is also known, and whom he has known since their school days in Udon Thani, was just a friend.

From left: Jirarat ‘Kru Blue’ Chananto; Prachakorn ‘Sun’ Piyasakulkaew

The rumour gained a foothold when DJ and TV host Kachapa "Mod Dum" Tancharoen claimed he had spoken to sales staff at a car showroom who said Sun had escorted Blue there to buy a car.

In response, Sun offered 1 million baht to anyone with evidence that he's ever taken her there. Adding fire to the flames, DJ "MaToom" Techin Ploypetch, a close friend of TonHorm's, said there was little doubt that Blue had acted as a third hand, as she and Sun had been seen everywhere together.

As netizens stepped up efforts to dig into Blue's past, Crime Suppression Division police confirmed they had called the net idol in for questioning in relation to claims she is spreading lewd images on the internet.

Blue poses in sexy outfits and invites fans to join a Line group where they pay 300-500 baht to see her up close. Blue had her lawyer contact police last week to ask to put off questioning until July 23.

Meanwhile, netizens have come forward with what they say are photographs of Sun and Blue outside a city condo, which they say were taken before Sun and TonHorm officially broke up on May 7. One wrote: "I saw them taking a meal at a condo in the RCA area. Blue was wearing a mask, and after the meal they went up to the condo together.

"If I had taken a picture, I'd be 1 million baht baht richer now, but I didn't know it would hit the news," the netizen lamented, referring to Sun's offer to pay anyone who can come up with images of him visiting the car yard with Blue.

Blue, who appeared last week in a sexy cosplay outfit as a nurse, and paradoxically posted supportive messages from her parents saying they were behind her all the way, is keeping her head down, saying she was finding it hard to cope with the fuss.

Appearing on Mod Dum's TV show on Friday, Sun once again denied he had been seeing Blue before his break-up with TonHorm. They hadn't bought a car together, or visited a condo together, despite what the rumour-mongers say.