A spa that satisfies

A visit to the Chan & Yupa Wellness Spa, where everything is bliss

The Himalayan salt therapy chamber. (Photos courtesy of C&Y Spa)

Bangkok is unquestionably saturated with good spas. Whether it be for a therapeutic massage, ultimate pampering or beauty-boosting treatment, spa-goers are promised in this city with as much satisfaction as they are with choices.

Still, it had always seemed to me impossible to find just one spa that offers a perfect-10 experience, no matter how pricey. Either the menu was a bit too small, the therapists weren't genuinely caring, or the ambience and treatment were so supernal they were intimidating.

That was until my visit last month to Chan & Yupa Wellness Spa.

I decided to check out this stand-alone retreat simply because of a close friend's recommendation.

The spa, first opened a few months ago, occupies a lovely house in the middle of Sukhumvit 10. Although located in the bustling city centre, the venue, boasting 15 treatment rooms, was serene and homey with lots of natural light to promote well-being and comfort.

Added to the lovely setting was the even lovelier staff. One of my very first impressions was that the sweet and cordial receptionist/consultant didn't seem to mind spending a long time explain to me the extensive spa menu and discussing which options would best cater to my needs.

Photo courtesy of C&Y Spa

There are more than 30 treatments on the menu, from various styles of massage and facial treatments to body contouring, psammotherapy (sand bath) and halotherapy (salt cave).

The mineral-sand-bath therapy (4,000 baht), one of the spa's signature and most popular treatments, is said to help boost blood circulation and loosen up muscle tension while eliminating bloating and detoxifying the body.

The 60-minute session saw me snugly buried in a bathtub full of heated volcanic rock beads. While in the bath, attended to by two therapists, I was so drawn into the warm comfort of the powerful sucking dynamic of the sand. And for the first time in my life, I felt a thrilling sensation of blood pumping all through my body.

The spa is lent a homey comfort by natural sunlight. Photos courtesy of C&Y Spa

With only my head above the sand level, the bathing therapy was soothed by a head massage and facial compression by the two therapists. Blood pressure was monitored before and after the bath to ensure guest safety.

The sweaty yet super-comfy sand bath was followed by a 90-minute Yupa signature body treatment (4,000 baht).

The treatment, designed to enhance skin moisture and radiance, started with a thorough body exfoliation using a jasmine rice scrub. Then a thermal body wrap was applied to nourish the skin with rich, serum-like silk proteins before the session was to end with a relaxing body massage.

For easily bored guests who want to maximise every minute in the spa, a classic facial treatment (2,500 baht), comprised of exfoliation, mask and massage, is suggested during the immovable body wrap.

Unlike many of my spa visits, which ended with the fussy me trying to overlook those small mistakes, I found my 3-hour session at Chan & Yupa Wellness Spa a spotless indulgence for both body and mind. My depression eased, muscles loosened, whole body felt lighter and more energetic, and skin glowed.

If I were to rate my overall pleasure there, it would be 10 out of 10.

Left  The mineral sand bath helps boost blood circulation, loosen up muscle tension and detoxify the body. Photo courtesy of C&Y Spa

What I loved most about the visit was that the therapists were very professional, courteous and heartfelt and attentive. I was always gently informed between any movement shift and transfer. And even though the therapists had to communicate to one another during the session, they tried to make it as quiet as they could, which reflected their utmost care.

Other treatments, such as aromatic massage, herbal compress Thai massage, face contouring and body firming are also on offer. Prices start at 1,000 baht.

The Chan & Yupa Wellness Spa is located at 12 Sukhumvit 10. It's open daily 10am-10pm. For more information and reservations, call 02-064-3344.

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