Get your mooncakes

Sept 13 is the last day you can get the tasty Chinese treats

Mooncakes by Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park.

Available for a very limited time, mooncakes signify not just the approaching of the Chinese Harvest Moon Festival but also prosperity and family reunion.

The round-shape, baked pastry with sweet filling is believed to have originated more than 3,500 years ago as an offering to the Moon Goddess on a mid-autumn night.

This year, the ceremony falls on Sept 13. In Bangkok, it is typically the day restaurants and bakery shops call time on their mooncake sales.

Following are some of the most exquisite moon cakes offered by 5-star hotels in the city.

Banyan Tree Bangkok's Bai Yun restaurant, call 02-679-1200

Durian, lotus seed, assorted nuts, Chinese chestnut, jujube-walnut, black sesame, custard and XO sauce.

209 baht and 219 baht for an individual piece; 999 baht for a set of four mooncakes; and 1,599 baht for a limited edition box of eight mini mooncakes.

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park's Pagoda restaurant, call 02-059-5999

Signature "Longevity", a concoction of medicinal caterpillar fungus, ginseng, saffron and dendrobium; Chantaburi durian with lotus seed and egg yolk; white lotus seed with macadamia; Singaporean-style sticky cured pork with assorted nuts; and salted egg yolk with vanilla custard.

Ranging from 98 baht to 388 baht per piece. A box of four mooncakes costs 988 baht, or 1,588 baht for some specific flavours.

Mooncakes by InterContinental Bangkok.

The Okura Prestige Bangkok's La Pâtisserie, call 02-687-9000

Durian with egg yolk, jujube with egg yolk, green tea and custard.

228 baht net per piece; or 1,168 baht net for a box of four mooncakes.

Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse's Yao restaurant, call 02-088-5666

Durian, lotus seed, jujube and red bean with goji berry and honey -- with or without egg yolk.

1,058 baht net for a special tiffin box of four mooncakes.

Chef Man at Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok, call 02-210-8100 ext.7515

Assorted nuts, durian with double egg yolks, lotus seed with double egg yolks, red bean paste with double egg yolks, black sesame and signature salted egg yolk lava.

190 baht to 240 baht per piece. A box of four mooncakes costs from 685 baht to 895 baht.

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, call 02-254-1234

Chocolate macadamia, durian with egg yolk, pandan coconut, Eighth Xian (assorted fruit and nuts), and custard.

Individual mooncake costs 189 baht. A box of four and eight moon cakes are priced at 599 baht and 1,299 baht respectively.

Conrad Bangkok's Liu restaurant, call 02-690-9999

Mooncakes by Chef Man, Eastin Grand Sathorn Bangkok.

Filling options: Golden custard, classic durian, multi-grain and white lotus paste.

A box of four mooncakes costs 888 baht net, while a luxury box of eight is priced at 1,588 net.

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, call 02-659 9000

Custard, lotus seeds with egg yolk and flaxseed, durian with egg yolk, and tangerine with eight-year-old dried tangerine peel.

Oriental Classic red box of eight mooncakes costs 808 baht; or 1,888 baht for a beige leather bag with the Authors' Lounge architectural details and gold tassel.

JW Marriott Bangkok's Man Ho restaurant, call 02-656-7700

Durian with egg yolk, lotus seed with egg yolk, jujube with egg yolk and baked red bean with Chinese goji berry.

A box of four mooncakes costs 1,199 baht while a box of eight mini mooncakes costs 999 baht.

Anantara Siam Bangkok's Mocha & Muffins, call 02-126 8866

Custard, durian with egg yolk, jujube with egg yolk, lotus seed with egg yolk and black sesame with egg yolk.

Four mooncakes in a glittering round burgundy box costs 1,688 baht, or 1,088 baht for a half-moon design box.

The Peninsula Bangkok, call 02-020-2888

Mooncakes by Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok.

Filling options: Egg custard prepared according to the Peninsula Hong Kong's secret recipe with organic milk and butter, free-range hen eggs and organic flour.

A set of eight mooncakes is priced at 998 baht net, or 3,888 baht net for eight mooncakes in a limited-edition box inscribed with an augmented reality (AR) code.

Shangri-La Bangkok's Shang Palace restaurant, call 02-206-8605 and 02-236-9952

Durian, mixed fruits and nuts, lotus seed with egg yolk, and cream custard.

Starting from 838 baht net to 1,588 baht net per case of four mooncakes.

Swissotel Bangkok Ratchada's Loong Foong restaurant, call 02-694-2222

Golden truffle with salted egg, spicy mango, salted egg custard, yuzu honey, Swiss Puroval Alpine, durian, lotus paste, red bean with green tea and mixed buts with salted egg.

An individual mooncake costs from 188 baht to 250 baht. A set of four is priced at 888 baht or 1,200 baht.

InterContinental Bangkok's Summer Palace restaurant, call 02-656-0444

Mooncakes by The Peninsula Bangkok.

Filling options: White lotus seed with egg yolk, red date with egg yolk, durian with egg yolk and pandan black sesame with egg yolk.

A box of four mooncakes costs 988 baht, a case of eight mooncakes costs 1,388 baht.

So Sofitel Bangkok's Chocolab, call 02-624-0000

Durian with egg yolk, mixed nuts, lotus seed with yolk and red bean with salted yolk.

A box of four mooncakes costs 1,199 baht net.

W Hotel Bangkok's The Pantry, call 02-344-4000

Raspberry, Green Garden (exclusive TWG Tea blend for W Bangkok), mocha macadamia, black sesame cheesecake, banoffee and durian. All flavours are available with either traditional crust or glutenous mochi skin.

An individual mooncake costs 190 baht net. A space-themed "W Moonkit" gift box with four mooncakes is priced at 890 baht net.

Centara Grand at CentralWorld's Zing Deli and Cafe, call 02-100-1234

Monthong durian, lotus seed and red bean -- each with or without egg yolk, green tea, coconut and chocolate.

118 baht net per piece, or 888 baht net for a set of four mooncakes in "Blossom" box.

Mooncakes by Shangri-La Bangkok.

Mooncakes by W Hotel Bangkok.