The kiwi's heroic role in skincare

Exclusive New Zealand brands at KIS Beauty Store.

While K-beauty swears by ginseng and snail slime, New Zealand skincare brands propose avocado, kiwi and manuka honey as hero ingredients in their natural products.

A selection of them by Antipodes, Skinfood New Zealand and Glow Lab are exclusively shelved at KIS multibrand store.

The Land of the Long White Cloud is endowed with a pristine and unpolluted environment, along with fertile soil, plenty of sunshine and clean rainfall. In the wild or cultivated, native plants thrive while being packed with botanical actives.

Kiwi seed oil contains a high concentration of vitamin C and Omega-3 essential fatty acids while avocado oil is rich in antioxidants, sterolin, phytosterols and other skin-nourishing compounds.

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream.

New Zealand is also known for manuka honey, traditionally consumed by indigenous Maori people for its medicinal properties. The superfood is also a humectant and healing agent used for making skincare products.

These ingredients are featured in Antipodes' natural and organic products, whose performance are scientifically-proven. Its signature anti-ageing ingredient, Vinanza Grape extract, is obtained from seeds of sauvignon blanc from Marlborough, a distinctive wine-growing region in the northeast of the South Island.

Skinfood New Zealand Night Avocado Mask. Skinfood New Zealand

Skinfood New Zealand also sources active ingredients from its homeland, such as avocado oil and manuka honey featured in the Night Avocado Mask. Based in Auckland, the brand also believes in the beauty benefits of coconut oil, which is blended with detoxifying New Zealand glacial clay and exfoliating lime pearl caviar in Quench Coconut Mask.

Glow Lab's formulas with natural ingredients are enhanced with clinically-proven active ingredients. The Facial Serum, for instance, features ProRenew Complex CLR probiotic technology, Matrixyl Synthé 6 peptide and SymRelief 100 ginger root extract.

Glow Lab Facial Serum. Glow Lab

KIS also stocks Nourish Propolis Balm by Comvita, which has been beekeeping since 1974. Honeybees mix their enzymes and beeswax with tree or plant resin to produce propolis, used in building and repairing hives as well as protecting the colony through its anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

Solimara, on the hand, specialises in broad-spectrum sunscreen containing zinc oxide, suitable for sensitive skin and babies over six months.