Lick good

Delicious burgers at your doorstep

In the day and age of convenience and apps, it's so easy to get everything with just a simple click, so much so that perhaps the only thing we complain about now is the fact that we have to walk outside to meet the delivery guy. Not that we need anymore reason to stay inside (as if an introvert like me is trying to find reasons to go out and socialise), Lick BKK could probably be another incentive to simply lock yourself in a room as you chow down on their signature offering -- burgers. And who doesn't love being antisocial while scarfing down a good burger anyway?

Established in 2015, Lick BKK originally served up finger foods before realising their true calling -- burgers. Their made-to-order burgers are available on Lineman, FoodPanda and GrabFood so it's pretty hassle-free to get your hands on them. Just because they don't have a physical location doesn't mean you should underestimate them though. From the way their burgers are packaged with eco-friendly paper wrappings and bags and from the first bite into one of them, you'll quickly realise that their operation is legit.

Even though they're just made-to-order, they've got a pretty good selection of burgers for you to choose from. Each of them can either have a beef (B280) or pork (B250) patty and while their pork patty is pretty good, I like my burgers with the classic beef. Their variety of burgers gives you a range of tastes according to your liking. On the top of my list was the Mozza and the Mush. The Mozza is loaded with two mozzarella cheeses, bacon and pesto sauce, which was perfect combo with a beef patty while the Mush is a no-brainer for any mushroom lovers out there what with the mushroom cream sauce on top of gooey American cheese. For a slightly different and unique taste, give their Wine burger a try complete with a wine reduction sauce, crispy bacon and a crispy onion ring on top of your patty. Finally, the last burger I tried was the Diablo, which is the pick if you want a little spice, though for my taste, I would have preferred it to be a tad bit spicier. All the burgers are served with fries or you can get their Onion rings (B69), either of which are a must for a classic burger meal.

Lick BKK has got a selection of burgers to satisfy your cravings, and what's more is that it's all delivered right to your doorstep. It's affordable, it's convenient, and most of all it's dang delicious, so if I suddenly become antisocial for a week or two, you already know why.

Visit You can order their food via FoodPanda, GrabFood or Lineman.