Pollution protection

Phyto-teint Ultra Eclat foundation.

As pollution takes a toll on the skin, Sisley has been raising awareness of both indoor and outdoor aggressors.

Outside, atmospheric pollution and exhaust fumes cause poor air quality. Indoor air can be just as bad due to air conditioning, electric appliances, candles, paint and cleaning products.

Digital pollution has also become a concern as many people can't live without their phone and other devices.

Sisley studied the impact by exposing skin explants to blue light wavelengths, and found that excessive exposure can accelerate skin ageing.

So those hooked on the screen need cosmetics that act as a screen to lessen damage.

Accordingly, the Paris-based brand formulated SisleYouth as an antipollution skincare product with a blue light shield. Vitamin E and botanical extracts obtained from pea, organic buckwheat seed and ginkgo biloba leaf beef up skin defence through their antioxidative properties. The formula is also enriched with energising and hydrating ingredients as well as essential oils.

SisleYouth anti-pollution with blue light shield.

Antipollution buckwheat seed extract is also a key ingredient in Phyto-teint Ultra Eclat foundation that serves as the skin's first line of defence.

The skincare cum make-up also features hydrating mauve and gardenia flower extracts and a radiance-activating complex combining zinc, copper, and magnesium. The luminous effect counteracts how pollution can dull and grey the skin while the oil-free formulation keeps the complexion fresh in Thailand's hot or humid weather.