Rare deer-like species photographed in Vietnam

A silver-backed chevrotain is captured by camera trap in an undisclosed forest in south central Vietnam on June 21, 2018. The species, commonly known as Vietnamese mouse deer, was rediscovered after 30 years. (AP photo)

HANOI: A tiny deer-like species not seen by scientists for nearly 30 years has been photographed in a forest in southern Vietnam.

Conservationists say images of the silver-backed chevrotain, commonly called the Vietnamese mouse deer, were captured in the wild by trap cameras.

Global Wildlife Conservation said in a statement Tuesday that the rabbit-sized animal is not a deer or a mouse, despite its nickname, but is the world's smallest hoofed mammal.

It says they are shy and solitary, have two tiny fangs, appear to walk on the tips of their hooves, and have a silver sheen.