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A quick chat with Max Schneider ahead of his debut Thai concert

He can sing, dance, act and model. And he's about to perform his debut concert in Thailand on Jan 17, 2020. The rising American pop singer Max, aka Max Schneider, has been nominated for Streamy Awards, Radio Disney Music Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards.

He also has acting credit in films and TV shows under his belt and modelled in a D&G campaign alongside Madonna. Def multihyphenate. Singing-wise Lights Down Low may be his biggest hit to date but Checklist, which he released a few weeks ago, is a bright fun bop with a music video that strangely reminds me of Ikea. The quadruple threat gave Guru an interview ahead of "Max presents The Intimate AF Tour in Bangkok" at Lido Connect. Get your tickets at

Where did your love for music come from?

I grew up in New York so music was all around. It was the street performers in the subways, the shows I saw on Broadway, to the music of Etta James and Prince and Billy Joel my parents played at home.

One may say that you're a quadruple threat. You can sing, dance, act and model. Why do you choose to focus on music?

Music is the only thing that fills my soul. It took me a second to realise that but once I did, I knew the choice to commit fully to it was simply because nothing else made me feel quite as alive or connected to people.

What was it like being featured in the D&G ad campaign with Madonna as her son? What was she like?

Still surreal to this day. She was so cool. She said we had the same nose, which is why she picked me to be her son. She's a tiny person just like me so we got along very well in all ways. What a powerful force in a tiny body.

Let's ask you some questions that are based on your song names. Name five items on your 'checklist' before you go out.

My wallet. My sentimental jewellery that I always wear. My phone. My keys, hopefully, but I feel like I always forget them and then my wife has to buzz me into our apartment. My throat lozenges to keep my vocal cords ready to sing any time just in case.

Name five persons you would like to invite to your 'basement party' and give reasons why?

I'm hoping this question is a dead or alive one in which case... Prince, because he'd be the life of the part. My wife, so we could fangirl and fanboy over Prince being there. Obama, because I feel like just watching him and Prince interacting would be incredible plus my wife and I would continue to fanboy and fangirl. Chrissy Teigen, because my wife and I are obsessed with her and make stuff from her cookbook all the time. Lastly, Halle Berry....because I love Halle Berry.

What's your definition of 'home'?

Just a place I make cosy for an extended period of time with my wife and dog. We move around so much if we get to be in one place for a while all together that's home to me.

How do you feel about coming to Thailand to perform for the first time?

I'm so excited!!! I've heard incredible things from friends about the fans in Thailand so it's an honour to both perform and come visit there for my first time. Plus I'm obsessed with Thai food so I will definitely be eating everything possible.

Why did you name the tour 'Intimate AF'? What can Thai fans expect from it?

It's been a continuation of a concept I've done in the US/Europe for my tour before my album comes out. Just a very special and intimate experience with the fans in small venues where I can feel everyone's energy and see everyone's faces. Something you don't get to experience as much when there are 10,000 or 20,000 people in the arena.

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