Undying humanity

Paintings by Patrick Manthe. Photos courtesy of River City Bangkok

The versatility and diversity of humanity is the main theme of "Immortal Icons" by Patrick Manthe, a Thailand-based Swiss national who is making a comeback with his new works at River City Bangkok's Room 237 and 243, Charoen Krung 24, until Feb 9.

On display are six paintings on large canvases that portray iconic figures whose personality, talent, beauty, mystery and grace had left their lasting memory in history.

Each painting suggests in its own way a tale of hope, creativity and possibilities portrayed through some of the most extraordinary individuals making their mark while facing unique challenges and uncertainties during their lifetime.

The 46-year-old self-taught artist draws his inspiration from brief glances and momentary expressions on human faces. He has experimented with different expressive and creative art forms such as sculpture, painting, paper collage and photography.

For this show, he used uncommon materials to allow sudden movements, painting drips and large brush strokes to illustrate spontaneity and creativity in contrast to the detailed elements of his works, alluding to the more stable and balanced sides in humans.

Even though having worked in hospitality, Manthe has had a passion for drawing and sketching since childhood. His paintings invite the viewer to experience a rare interpretation of expressionistic and lyrical elements seeking to create a seductive harmony.

The exhibition is open for public viewing from 10am to 8pm on Monday to Thursday and 10am to 9pm on Friday to Sunday.

Call 02-237-7608.


River City Bangkok