A taste of teamwork

Celadon tasting menu Jan 2020. (THE SUKHOTHAI BANGKOK)

Chef Rosarin "Rin" Sripathum's latest tasting menu at Celadon, the Thai restaurant at The Sukhothai Bangkok is inspired by her team. "I wanted to give the younger generation a voice to express and create their hometown's specialty dishes, as a starting point of their path of success for their future," says the chef.

I begin with the amuse bouche of Rice cracker with mulberry jam, which pays tribute to the mulberries that are in season. The Onsen egg yolk, citrus essence, Acacia concinna leaves or bai som poy in Thai, is served in an egg shell surrounded by hay. A no-cutlery dish, you're supposed to swallow the contents of the egg in one go. It does give off a very eggy smell at first, but the sauce mixed with the yolk leaves your palate with a tang.

Northern-style chicken salad is made using the breast and is served with steamed black rice. It is a tasty little parcel, with fried puffed rice for texture and aromatic Thai herbs to give the dish a hit of spice. Delish.

The E-san herbs enhanced, double-boiled chicken tapaotong is a soup course where the broth is poured tableside. Not too spicy on the tongue, it's warming, despite the crushed chillies. The dill flowers add a nice herbaceous touch, while the small pearl onions add texture. The chicken is tender and can be cut with the soup spoon, though I would have preferred my chicken skin to be crisp.

Celadon tasting menu Jan 2020. (THE SUKHOTHAI BANGKOK)

Celadon tasting menu Jan 2020. (THE SUKHOTHAI BANGKOK)

The Grilled river prawn with water plum is served with two sauces, sweet and sour, and a curry. "The curry sauce contains prawn fat as an ingredient and I thought it would be a delightful match to pair it with a river prawn," says chef Rin of the dish that is from the Central Region of Thailand.

Part of the main course, the prawn is accompanied by Queen mushrooms and bamboo shoots, Coral grouper in a southern yellow curry with mun poo leaves and your choice of black or white rice or both. Though tasty, I would have preferred if the curry had a bit more bite to it, spice-wise. The river prawn is butterflied to expose the magic that is the prawn head tomalley and I used it to slather over my black rice. The white rice I saved for the yellow curry.

A palate cleanser of Tamarind pulp sorbet with Thai vodka is served and boy, is it potent! Lao khao or a local Thai vodka, 40 Degrees, is mixed with the sorbet. This is served alongside pandanus water. "The pandan water is to soothe and clear the taste of the liquor. Pandan is known as the best ingredient to clean the flavour and fragrance of vodka," adds chef Rin. The meal ends with Warm sago dumpling with fresh coconut milk.

This is Thai home food that has been well-prepared and is available for dinner only.

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