Covid-19: How you can conveniently help

The Covid-19 outbreak is hitting the world very hard. Thailand is no exception. While our doctors and healthcare personnel have been working hard to deal with an increasing number of infected cases, they are facing a lack of many medical items necessary for treatment.

Medical masks and hand sanitisers are now in dire need by medical staff at all hospitals across the country and people who have a large quantity of the items in stock, or can afford to acquire them, are encouraged to donate them to hospitals.

Also, many hospitals in Bangkok that are taking care of a large number of infected patients are running short of major medical equipment and supplies. This is quite a serious problem, as the shortage can badly affect other patients in serious condition who might be suffering from non-Covid-19 diseases as well.

This is the time everyone is promptly invited to help by making donations. Here is a list of hospitals that have announced that they urgently need money for the provision of necessary equipment to save the lives of our fellow citizens:

- King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital's Faculty of Medicine is raising money for the "Covid-19 Disease Donation" fund to cover the increasing expenses of medicine, medical supplies, medical equipment and the treatment of infected patients.

Donations can be made via money transfer to Kasikorn Bank account number 059-1-93894-0 (Chulalongkorn Hospital branch). Deposit documents should be sent to or via Line ID: kcmh-charity. Call 02-256-4402 and 065-826-0296.

- Rajavithi Hospital is accepting money for the purchase of medical equipment.

Rajavithi Hospital. PR

Donations can be made via bank transfer to Siam Commercial Bank account named Rajavithi Hospital Foundation, account number 051-2-16322-1 or, alternatively, through PromptPay ID 0994000051484. Call 02-354-7997-9.

- Ramathibodi Hospital's Faculty of Medicine and Ramathibodi Foundation are accepting donations for the provision of respiratory equipment and other medical tools, as well as N95 surgical masks.

Online donations can be made via or by transfering the money to Bangkok Bank account 090-3-50015-5, Kasikorn Bank account 879-2-00448-3 and Siam Commercial Bank account 026-3-05216-3. Call 02-201-1111.

The N95 surgical masks can be sent to the Information Counter at Queen Sirikit Medical Centre Building and the Administration Division. Call 02-201-1213 or 02-201-1063. The hospital will gather the masks and distribute them to other hospitals in need.

- Siriraj Hospital's Faculty of Medicine is raising money for the "Siriraj Soo Pai Covid" and "Tor Lom Hai Jai" funds.

Donations can be made at Siriraj Foundation, 1st floor of Mahidolbumpen Building of Siriraj Hospital, Arun Amarin Road, from 7.30am-5.30pm on weekdays, and 8.30am-4.30pm on weekends. Alternatively, make a money transfer to the Siam Commercial Bank account named after the Siriraj Foundation, account number 016-3-00049-4. Email transfer slips to, call 02-414-1414 or 02-419-7658-60 ext 101-104, or contact Line@sirirajfoundation.

- Thammasat University Hospital is calling for money donations to purchase medical equipment.

They can be made via bank transfer to Thai Military Bank account 050-2-00002-9 (Thammasat Rangsit branch). Deposit documents should be sent to or by Line to 065-054-2565. The hospital is also accepting donations of medical masks and hand sanitisers for medical staff at the Faculty of Medicine. Call 02-926-9004 or 02-926-9672.

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