Expect the unexpected from Hermès

Bolide 1923–30 rainbow bag in Epsom calfskin.

Under a new theme, "Innovation In the Making", Hermès has called for challenging creations and unexpected developments from all of its métiers in 2020.

This is exemplified in the spring/summer collection of Objets Hermès, which range from bags and small leather goods to jewellery and shoes.

The French maison even asked the question: "Why are scarves only square?" Out-of-the-box thinking led to the Jungle Love rainbow heart-shaped scarf in silk twill, for slipping into the pocket of a jacket or shirt.

The rainbow is also captured in a striped silk scarf, fringed with silk spaghetti strips cut from different scarves in the collection.

Likewise, the Trim Anate rainbow bag in Swift calfskin is decorated with a leather fringe that creates a rainbow. The Bolide 1923–30 rainbow bag, in Epsom calfskin, features strips of leather that have been worked using the piqué-collé technique.

Chaîne d'ancre bag in Barénia calfskin with a removable silk pouch.

Featuring a play on materials and texture from exceptional casing and leather-assembly work, the calfskin Bolide 1923–45 racing bag is inspired by the world of motorbikes and racing leathers.

The equestrian heritage is reflected in the new Bridleback weekend bag in toile H and and Hunter cowhide, bordered with a strap evoking the dressage bridle that lends it its structure.

The iconic Chaîne d'ancre is worked in leather for a lightweight tote in Barénia calfskin, housing a removable silk pouch. The coveted Birkin 35 cargo bag, in Goéland canvas and Swift calfskin, has been designed with five additional pockets and a removable cup holder.

Women's shoes include high sandals in printed calfskin, with the motifs and colours inspired by straps from leather goods, as well as pumps in printed cotton canvas with the Fantaisie botanique motif by Virginie Jamin.

Men's footwear includes calfskin sneakers and sneakers featuring a two-tone technical knit -- both boasting a slanted-H motif.

Calfskin men's sneaker with H motif.

Men's sneaker in knit, with slanted-H motif.

Jungle Love rainbow heart-pocket scarf in silk twill. Hermes

Hermès Bridleback weekend bag in toile H and Hunter cowhide.

Trim Anate rainbow bag in Swift calfskin.

Birkin 35 cargo bag in Goéland canvas and Swift calfskin.

Calfskin Bolide 1923–45 racing bag.

Multicoloured scarf in silk twill.

High sandal in printed calfskin.

Pump in cotton canvas printed with the Fantaisie botanique motif.