Toasting integrative health

Miskawaan integrative health clinic at Gaysorn Tower.

After Germany, Austria and Hong Kong, Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) has expanded its integrative health clinics to Thailand, namely Bangkok and Koh Samui.

Prior to the lockdown, the launch of MHG Thailand was held at Crystal Box, Gaysorn Tower, Ratchaprasong intersection.

Princess Ubolratana graciously presided over the opening ceremony hosted by founder-CEO David Boehm, and CEO of MHG Thailand Luke Watts.

The Bangkok clinic is located on the 11th floor of Gaysorn Tower while the sister clinic operates at Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas, on the pristine Mae Nam beach, Koh Samui, Surat Thani province.

MHG's integrative health approach recognises the complexity of the human body as one biological system rather than a collection of organs. It addresses the root cause of health problems rather than merely treating symptoms, and aims to boost inherent efficiency of the immune system to strengthen the body in protecting and healing itself from diseases.

Global medical director Dr Johannes Wessolly explained "The MHG Way'' at a forum that also addressed current healthcare issues. The former anaesthetist is an expert in applying cutting-edge diagnostics and naturopathic therapy for the personalisation of holistic health and wellness programmes.

People should remain vigilant amid the Covid-19 pandemic, said the German doctor and wellness expert, and essentially the virus will not substantially affect our health status, as long as we have a healthy body and strong immune system.

Actress Pimdao Panichsamai and her mother Kleddao joined the discussion on keeping physically and mentally healthy at their respective ages, and maintaining positivity during the health crisis.

Other attendees included Pol Maj Gen Angkul Atornphatai, Daranee Charoen-Rajapark, Wannaporn Poshyanonda, Rabiab Bhumichitr, Nithi Sawangwattanapaibul and Nishsha Boonyagorn, to mention a few.

Varit Taifayongvichit with Anjida, Sudthanom and U-Paporn Karnasuta. Miskawann Health Group

Daranee Charoen-Rajapark Miskawann Health Group

Pol Maj Gen Angkul Atornphatai. Miskawann Health Group

Lanthip Dvedasin, Pusadee Tamthai, Pratana Barpuyawart and Panadda Hongsakul. Miskawann Health Group

Miskawaan integrative health clinic at Gaysorn Tower.

Miskawaan Health Group. Pimplus PR

Dr Johannes Wessolly, Luke Watts and David Boehm.

Kleddao and Pimdao Panichsamai.

Wannaporn Poshyanonda and Rabiab Bhumichitr.

Nithi Sawangwattanapaibul and Nishsha Boonyagorn.

Nattanin Kunanat.

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