More ways to help those in need

The 'Help From Home' campaign. (Photo courtesy of

The Covid-19 lockdown measures have been eased, but we still need to remain vigilant and keep up our hand hygiene. However, there are still a lot of people out there who just can't afford to do so, let alone the underprivileged who have already suffered in many other ways from the outbreak and need our help.

Here's a list of charitable campaigns that welcome donations to reduce their chances of getting infected and help them live a better life.

'Help From Home' by Unicef

The campaign is appealing for donations to help provide critical supplies including soap to millions of children and families in need of hygiene in Thailand and around the world. Since the beginning of the outbreak, Unicef has been distributing millions of pieces of vital supplies including hygiene kits, medical supplies and personal protection equipment to protect children and families as well as healthcare personnel around the world.

In Thailand, some 150,000 soaps and hand sanitisers have been distributed to children living in poor communities, in street situations, and welfare and protection centres across the country. Type COVID and send an SMS to 4712225 to donate 100 baht. To donate online, visit

'Help The Homeless Fight Covid-19' by Thai Volunteer Service Foundation

With an increasing number of homeless people during the Covid-19 situation, the foundation is raising money for the provision of necessary items for them. They include rice, dry foods, hand sanitisers, soaps, shampoos, mosquito repellents, infrared thermometers, clinical thermometers and other personal necessities.

The 'Help The Homeless Fight Covid-19' campaign. (Photo courtesy of

Donations can be made via bank transfer to Siam Commercial Bank account number 075-2-14248-3. Those wishing to donate the aforementioned items can have them delivered to the foundation which is located in Huai Khwang, Bangkok. Visit or call 09-5997-7724.

'Filling Children's Tummies, Helping Them Fight Covid-19' by Baan Nokkamin Foundation

A significant drop in donation money to the foundation during the Covid-19 situation has badly affected more than 200 orphans and underprivileged children under its care. As the average of their food expenses is approximately 30 baht per person per meal, the campaign aims to raise 600,000 baht to make sure that those deprived children will not go hungry for at least one month.

For donations, visit Alternatively, transfer money to Bangkok Bank account number 129-5-21931-3 or Kasikornbank account number 732-2-87770-0. Call 02-375-6497 or 02-375-2455.

'Develop Community Hospitals to Fight Emerging Disease -- Covid-19' by Rural Doctor Foundation

As community hospitals play a vital role in helping to contain the new coronavirus and provide immediate treatment to those infected, the foundation is raising funds for the development of more than 700 community hospitals across the country and also tambon health promotion hospitals.

The funds will be used mainly to provide N95 masks, PPE suits, respirators and other necessary equipment, as well as support the families of healthcare workers who died or fell sick in the line of duty. Donations can be made via bank transfer to Siam Commercial Bank, account number 340-201715-6. Visit

A campaign to help hungry children at Baan Nokkamin Foundation. (Photo courtesy of Baan Nokkamin Foundation)