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Water Bank Sherbet Cream.

Laneige's research on the interaction between water and skin, termed Water Science, has gone subzero.

The summer limited-edition Water Bank Sherbet Cream needs to be kept in the freezer at -15C for at least four hours. The resulting sherbet-crystal cream is then applied onto the face to replenish moisture. A thick layer can serve as a mask pack for an intensive cooling and calming treatment.

The Ice Beauty Technology lowers the temperature while an extract from medicinal plant Houttuynia cordata and mineral-rich water work on revitalising the skin.

Last year, the hydrating Water Bank collection was upgraded with green mineral water derived from the Ocean Brew method, which immerses vegetables in low-temperature seawater for five hours.

The K-beauty brand also released limited-edition Water Bank Hydro Essence and Cream EX, housed in a special packaging designed by New York-based Sagmeister & Walsh, a partnership between graphic designers Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh.

The essence's bottle features a crystal ball to express the "Stay Thirsty, Stay Luminous" concept, under the "Thirst For Life" campaign that encourages women to speak up and follow their passion.

Limited-edition Water Bank Hydro Essence and Cream EX.

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