Reviving global coffee regions

Jesca Kagai, a farmer member of the Nespresso Fair Trade programme in Honde Valley, Zimbabwe.

According to a recent ecological study, 60% of wild coffee species in the world today are now facing high extinction risk and could soon disappear.

With an aspiration to preserve the future of some of the world's rarest, most exquisite coffees, Nespresso through its sustainability programme has since 2017 been working closely with coffee farmers in regions of Africa and South America that have been hit by economic hardships or environmental disasters.

The launch of its Reviving Origins collection last year proved a success.

It helped breathe life back into Caquetá in Colombia, where farmers abandoned their lands due to decades of political conflict, as well as Honde Valley in Zimbabwe, where the annual coffee production had dropped from 15,000 tonnes in the late 1980s to just 500 tonnes in 2017 because of infrastructural deficiency.

Joseph Kirimbwa, a coffee farmer in Rwenzori, Uganda.

By providing continuous training and technical assistance through its agronomist network, Nespresso has helped these farmers to boost their productivity and empower sustainable development of their harvests. That has impacted not only the quality of their coffee, but also the lives of the people. Today coffee has become a strong pillar of hope for their communities.

Newly added to the programme this year is Ugandan coffee, grown in a unique terroir shaded and nourished by banana trees in Rwenzori region of Uganda.

As a result of climatic change and poor farming systems, high-quality coffee cultivation in Uganda has been a challenge over recent years. Thus, Nespresso has worked with more than 2,000 Ugandan arabica farmers from various villages in establishing sustainable agricultural practices with the aim to restore their pride and preserve their identity.

Coffee connoisseurs can now indulge in, while help conserve, threatened coffee species through the Reviving Origins collection, which is available in limited quantity.

It features three coffee selections with intensity ranging from 5 to 8. They include Amaha awe Uganda, a single origin coffee with rare sandalwood and floral notes with medium acidity; Tamuka mu Zimbabwe, a bright acidic coffee with notes of red berries, currant and grape; and Esperanza de Colombia, a mild, well-balanced coffee with light acidity, yellow fruit aroma and hint of a cereal note.

Nespresso Reviving Origins coffee is available at all 10 Nespresso boutiques across Bangkok and Phuket and until Aug 4. Price is 30 baht per capsule, or 300 baht per pack.