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KorPunGun Center for Overseas Education is holding an online seminar for students planning to further their studies in the US, on Saturday from 9.30am to 11.30am.

Presented via Zoom Cloud Meetings, the two-hour webinar will provide in-depth information and suggestions about pursuing a bachelor's degree in the US.

It will be conducted by representatives from two institutes in Washington -- Thalia Saplad, director of International Outreach from Edmonds College, and Lisa Hirayama, assistant director for International Admissions from Seattle Pacific University. They will be joined by Kanpong Thaweesuk, founder of KorPunGun Center.

They will talk about the undergraduate education system in the US, the so-called "2+2 University Transfer" programme and "High School Competition Plus" programme, study plans for a bachelor in the field of your interest, online learning for credit, assessment tests, and English and mathematics programmes.

Participants will also learn about student life in the US, what they will encounter, what the two aforementioned institutes can do for their students, and what programmes are available at Seattle Pacific University.

The webinar is also suitable for students who already enrol in a college or university and would like to prepare themselves before they go there; as well as those who are studying in the first or second year there and would like to transfer to a new place.

The session is free of charge and registrations can be made via

Visit or call 081-349-7669.