Sicilian flavour for your kitchen

Italy's leading fashion house Dolce & Gabbana and high-end home appliance brand Smeg have united their artistic sensibilities for a journey to discover the colours and beauty of Sicily for an authentic "Made in Italy" project.

Under a shared standard of creativity, art and design, Divina Cucina, the name of the unique collaboration, is a tribute to Italian aesthetic traditions and festivals.

The tribute can be enjoyed in the form of a new series of freestanding kitchen sets of a stove-top oven, with co-ordinated exhaust hood, and Fab28 fridge.

The collection is available in two distinctive variants.

One is inspired by Sicilian puppet theatre and traditional hand-painted fruit vendor carts, of which the dominant tones are fiery red and orange. The design takes cues from the most recognisable folklore symbols of Sicily, especially the geometric, polychrome and rhomboidal motifs used in the island's flooring tiles.

The other is characterised by Italian majolica, a famous tin-glazed, blue and white pottery which dates back to the Renaissance era.

Of the majolica design, the exhaust hood features the ruins of an ancient temple while the side panels portray inland landscapes including a Byzantine castle built in the 14th century.

Helping to recreate the chromatic atmosphere of a typical Sicilian kitchen is the refrigerator, painted with a view of the island's coast.

Prices range from 276,000 baht to 628,000 baht.

The Divina Cucina collection by Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana is available at the Smeg Flagship Store at Central Embassy, 4th floor. For more information, call 02-160-5910.