Translate for a climate change prize

The submission deadline is Oct 25. Photo courtesy of Nan Sandbox Project

Climate change is the topic for the "Words Change The World" competition that is seeking the best translation in Thai for the English term, with 1.6 million baht in prizes up for grabs.

Organised by Nan Sandbox Project to raise awareness on climate change among Thai people, the competition is open to nationals aged 15 years and older. They are required to come up with a Thai word, group of words, phrase or sentence for climate change that is short, precise and easy-to-grasp.

Their literary creations should come with a description of their origin and concept. This will reflect the contestants' understanding of climate change, its impact and how to find tangible solutions to it.

Each entry must not exceed 50 characters and can be submitted online or via postal mail by Oct 25. The winners will be announced on Dec 15. The top winner will be awarded a cash prize of 1 million baht, the two first runners-up will receive 200,000 baht each and the 10 second runners-up will get 20,000 baht each. There are also seven honourable mention prizes worth 70,000 baht in total.

The competition is a collaborative effort to combat the problem of climate change by the government, businesses and locals of Nan, a province that is home to forests that exist at the headwaters of the Nan River, one of the main tributaries of the Chao Phraya River.

The Nan Sandbox project involves a special form of land management which intends to sustainably regulate the use of natural resources and limit effects on the environment.