Experience ‘Fruitfull’ – the immersive world class culinary culture experience served up by SC Asset in collaboration with Scratch First
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Experience ‘Fruitfull’ – the immersive world class culinary culture experience served up by SC Asset in collaboration with Scratch First

Experience ‘Fruitfull’ – the immersive world class culinary culture experience served up by SC Asset in collaboration with Scratch First

Nothing typifies Thai culture more clearly than the country’s gastronomic legacy. Recognised for its variety, history, flavours and ingredients in one melting pot, the most popular dishes of the day may come and go but the rich diversity never stops unfolding.

In transitioning into a successful Q4, SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited in collaboration with Scratch First Co. Ltd. presents a new privilege programme in association with “Fruitfull”, Thailand’s first culinary showcase. The objective is to reward SC Asset customers by reflecting on how Thai cuisine can be connected with their lifestyle, society, and the environment in a sustainable way while presenting an innovative approach to dining culture.  

“Customer experiences and pleasures reflect how SC Asset’s reward programme fulfils them,” affirms Chomchada Kuldiloke, Head of Corporate Brand, SC Asset. “This exclusive event will be set amid six teakwood villas set amid tropical gardens at The Jim Thompson House Museum where no other banquet has been hosted for the past 50 years.”

Located in the heart of Bangkok, The Jim Thompson House is ideal for dinners to experience the delightful traditional charms of Thai urban cookery creativity. 

Guaranteed by its world’s acclaimed “Wonderfruit” lifestyle festival, Scratch First Co. Ltd. is trusted to throw the feast in style. 

“SC Asset takes part as one of the supporters as we share a mutual goal with Scratch First Co., Ltd., creator of Wonderfruit festival,” explains Chomchada “We aim to bring new gastronomic experiences created by acclaimed Thai and international chefs to the diners’ tables,” adds Chomchada. “It will be a marvellous opportunity for SC Asset customers to be exposed to new perspectives in an event designed to raise awareness of environmental impacts caused by consumption. To this end, Fruitfull Festival provides a platform to showcase sustainability for the benefit of society and communities that can be passed down through the generations.”  

“Top-notch chefs from Thailand and other countries are gathering with the most-loved local cooks from across the country. SC Asset families will discover the diversity of flavours, from unsung heroes to world famous Michelin stars.” 

In serving the superlative flavours, the limited edition dining event is exclusively designed for invited- guests only to enjoy immersive experiences.

“Exclusive Toh Jeen Dinner” - full-course menus selected for guests to cherish international cultural extravagance, ranging Thai, Chinese, Western, and Indian. Diners will not only enjoy the creations of six celebrity chefs from 5-star restaurants Sorn, Sühring, 80/20, Gaa, Soul Food Mahanakorn, and Samuay & Sons, but also the atmosphere created by historic heirlooms connected with multinational gatherings dating back centuries.

“Chef’s Table”, fine dining design showcases featuring unpredictable fusions of flavours cooked by Chef Ton-Thithit Tasnakajorn, 1-Michelin Star holder from Le Du, along with Je Fai-Suphinya Jansuta, of 1-Michelin Star Je Fai Pratupee. Dishes highlight Thai street food and innovative cookery while guests are elegantly seated in the antique house of Jim Thompson. 

Eligible guests can reserve places to enjoy the unveiling of secret recipes at the “Masterclass” and have cooking lessons in Thai fine dining taught by 80/20 star chefs; Napol “Joe” Jantraget and Saki Hoshino.  

Before returning home, guests are welcome to enjoy the social scene in public sections of the house and stroll around the premises infused with fragrances from street food stalls. Guests can also cultivate their healthy regimen with organic outlets run by Patom Organic Farm and Sookjai Farmer’s Market. 

Public sections at “Fruitfull” festival also allow all to explore their passion for food beyond expectations at exquisite workshops. Plus “Roads to Roam” book launch by designer Jarrett Wrisley and Italian restaurateur Paolo Vitaletti who will whet appetites for further food adventures. 

Join SC Asset families at Fruitful from 7-8 November 2020 at The Jim Thompson House Museum, Bangkok.

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