White gold

You know winter is truly coming when the Alba white truffles start gracing menus in Bangkok. One of the most desired fungi on Earth, true Alba truffles are only available once a year and in short supply. Two restaurants in Bangkok have created special menus to honour these truffles, and these are available for a limited time.

French elegance

One of the best menus I've had with white truffles is by chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthier at the two Michelin-starred Le Normandie.

Chef Arnaud Saunthier with Plantin Truffles.

Truffle menu 2020 Le Normandie

The Plantin Truffles menu is crafted to give your palate and your mouth the most pleasure as possible and to satisfy your truffle craving in a five-course menu. The limited-time truffle menu begins with Winter organic vegetables, gnocchi and herbs. The dish showcases seven seasonal vegetables, like carrots and radish, all cooked using with different cooking methods and topped with freshly shaved truffles.

A popular French delicacy at Christmas and my favourite dish is served next -- Tête de veau. It simply is veal head, served with crispy potato, a brown butter emulsion that I want to slather all over my body, and truffles. If this doesn't get your palate going, nothing will.

Often used as an ingredient in traditional French fine dining, line-caught Monkfish is served next with lovage and celeriac. Chef Sauthier's next main is chicken. But this isn't any ordinary chicken, it's free-ranged French chicken served with Jerusalem artichoke. The dish has a nutty flavour and an-ever-so-smooth texture of the beautiful sous vide chicken, served with Albufera sauce.

Indulge your dessert stomach with the classic French Floating Island. "Stuffed" with hazelnut chocolate cream and white truffle ice cream, adorned with gold leaf and truffles, you will leave Le Normandie on cloud nine.

The limited-time truffle menu is priced at B12,500++ per person and is available for lunch and dinner. A white truffle a la carte menu is also available. Advance reservations are required.

Le Normandie, Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok / Call 02-659-9000, email mobkk-restaurants@mohg.com, visit www.mandarinoriental.com/bangkok.

Italian extravaganza

Shades Of Truffle returns for a second year at Enoteca. Enoteca executive chef Stefano Borra has created a traditional menu using truffles picked from the wild forest of Ovada – Acqui Terme by Enoteca's private truffle hunter.

Shades of Truffle II.

Begin with Seared scallop from Hokkaido served with a watercress cream and green peas puree. Nothing will prepare you for the richness of the next dish. Slow cooked egg yolk, Raschera cheese fondue, Porcini mushrooms… yum! The yolk is sous vide beautifully and served with porcini ratatouille and Raschera sauce. The Raschera cheese is made with raw cow's milk and comes from Piemonte in Italy.

Housemade traditional tagliolini is cooked with butter and served with 24-month aged Parmesan. The pasta is made with flour imported from Italy and is ribbon shaped. Delight in every bite! For mains, indulge in Wagyu striploin, truffles jus and potatoes gratin. The beef is perfectly roasted and the truffle beef demi glace is rich though delicate.

End the satisfying meal with Monte bianco or a Monte Blanc, which is a dessert created in Piedmonte and traditionally uses sweet chestnut puree made to resemble thin spaghetti. At Enoteca, the dessert uses Borlotti beans.

The Shades Of Truffles II menu can be enjoyed over a course of either four or five dishes, though they can also be ordered a la carte, with extra truffles as per market price. Four courses cost B5,500++ and five courses is B6,100++.

Enoteca, Sukhumvit 27 / Call 02-258-4386, email enotecabangkok@gmail.com, visit enotecabangkok.com.

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